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Prompts for the [community profile] white_collar promptfest are up! (Take note, the prompts are spoilery for season 2.)

Reading through them all it becomes pretty clear to me that White Collar is one of those fandoms for which I'm not nearly so flexible about my ships and am generally picky about the relationship types. It's also too 'real world' for me to want the crack. Well, outside of crossovers, in which case I am all too willing to induce the crack. God, I hope someone writes the Highlander one, complete with a line like: "Neal, I need your sword." And [personal profile] windsorblue, if you didn't drop the prompt there, you're not the only one who totally knows Mozzie and Frohike are like BFF.

I try not to dwell on how I am going to go into withdrawal between now and January.
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Earlier today I read I Was Only Borrowing Time (I Was Going To Put It Back) by [personal profile] copperbadge and my innocent attempt at a portrait study was led astray.

And this isn't exactly from the fic but um, artistic license or something? I think I just like the idea of Peter being all "Oh great, and now there's slime on my shirt." And I don't know why I didn't even attempt to put Neal in this, since the fic was /about him/... THE POINT IS I'VE WATCHED LIKE 60 GAZILLION EPISODES IN THE LAST TWO WEEKS AND I FEEL THAT I CAN'T BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR MY ACTIONS.

White Collar/Doctor Who - Tenth Doctor & Peter - Slug Problem )
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Oh White Collar. It's like an hour worth of feet-kicking and embarrassing squealy noises.

And J is sending me screencaps and things...

...to make me alternately squee and LOL at my desk )
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I am ridiculously tired in that good way. Work was pleasant and went fairly quickly since I had interesting tasks to do. Headed downtown after and spent a full hour at the gym then walked the rest of the way home. Certainly offset the cake for breakfast thing.

So good day over all with White Collar for icing. Oh how I love that USA airs full episodes online the same night they broadcast. \o/

delirious fansquee )
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Homework procrastination equals cleaning up old comment fic from [community profile] random_fic_is_random and porn battle fic. Woo.

White Collar. June/Neal. PG-13. ~500 words.
Not the least bit the shark, but more the hound, lean and earnest, eager for the chase and with just enough of a bite to make it prudent to run.

Read Me. )
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I'm feeling good this morning. Walked home from work the past couple days (in addition to going to the gym) so all the exercise has been nice. I did nothing after I got home last night except watch the White Collar webchat (thank you [personal profile] shadowhuntress!) with Blue and squeal and kick my feet and try not to develop an even bigger crush on Tim DeKay. :x

Had a productive morning, which is probably helping with the feeling good. Did some cleaning and sorting and also fixed myself some lunches to take to work for the rest of the week. Homework is starting to require more attention now that the semester is in full swing, but nothing overwhelming thankfully. My boss got a call from the woman looking over the rental app on our first choice place to verify my employment, so I'm hopeful that we'll find out in the next couple days if we got it. Moving again after only a year blows, but after this, unless J gets a job offer outside the Bay Area, we'll be able to stick in the same place for a while.

p.s. Haven't been commenting much due to reading sporadically, so just a general big wave hello to my corner of the internets. I love you. \o/


Mar. 3rd, 2010 11:05 am
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Oh White Collar. <333 How is it that the show makes me ridiculously happy every single time? Right. Because it is continually full of EVERYTHING I LOVE. Peter = <33333

Human Target comes close, but it doesn't induce quite the same level of giddy feet kicking. Dear Human Target, I love your cracktastic action, but please to be delivering just a teensy bit more backstory.

I... don't want to go to work today.
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So many good things. \o/

Batman - Batman/Gordon - Quiet for prompts phone call, emptiness, forgiving
Oh the atmosphere in this. It's everything I love about the ship.
Jim used to wish for quiet nights, back when he had Barbara and the kids to come home to. Maybe he should have moved to Chicago with them, but Gotham weighed him down enough to anchor him here. And of course, there were other reasons.

White Collar - Peter/Neal - The storm I've been needing for prompt 5 years later
I've been avoiding a lot of Peter/Neal for fear of infidelity, so imagine my glee in finding such a lovely and hot fic for them.
Peter didn’t ask who taught her how to pick locks and she didn’t look at him pointedly and didn’t say what they’ve been both thinking: he was missing Neal.

Sherlock Holmes 2009 - Mary/Irene - A Secret She Can Keep
As noted above, I tend to shy away from infidelity, but when it cuts both ways, apparently I am all over it. Particularly lovely language in this as well.
She has spent too long watching her husband and his friend solve crimes to be blinded by such an obvious disguise. The curve of the lips and the smooth jaw are familiar from the photograph on Holmes' desk.

ETA: And a second Mary/Irene fic by the same author Passing for the prompt crossdressing which is possibly even more hot, but my kinks are showing. Also, I'm now officially sold on this ship. Seriously. Guh.

Baccano! - Dallas/Eve - Not Like a Fairy Tale
This would be the other type of sibling ship I love, full of hotwrong and delicious, delicious badtouch.
She's everything. But...

Also, per usual, everything [personal profile] blue_soaring has written which so far is:
rdj/hugh on a marvel photoshoot
holmes/watson in prison
rdj/tony stark to make me finally keymash over actor/character slash
holmes/watson rimming. Obvious trend, much? :3
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Ocean's 11 - Danny/Rusty, Danny/Tess - These Vagabond Shoes - This broke my heart a little, but ultimately in a good way. Very well done in that Danny cares about Tess, so she's not just tossed aside or marginalised, and the evolution of their relationship versus his relationship with Rusty is handled masterfully. Great tone and pacing, and the author completely nails the clever little back and forth between Danny and Rusty, albeit in a different vein than the usual finishing one another's sentences.

Ocean's 11 - Danny/Rusty - A Coke and a Smile - I loved how much of a caper the author managed to fit in under 2k words, and how it didn't feel rushed in any way. The ease of the job made it all the more fun when you realise what Danny is really after. reat voices, and a kicker ending line.

White Collar - Neal/Peter/Elle - And anyone who's ever had a heart - The tension absolutely zings in the best of ways, and an awesome Elizabeth. I felt like the ending snuck up a little quickly, but I imagine that's because I simply wanted more. The OT3 goodness is set up satisfyingly with all that it needs to be a healthy relationship. All in all, this is beautifully written, loads of fun, and the voices are so spot on I can hear them in my head.

And not Yuletide, but [personal profile] blue_soaring wrote New Year's "drabbles" and gave Neko and I a matching set White Collar ficlets, starting with an Iron Man/White Collar crossover featuring Tony/Neal and then following up with some Neal/Peter/Elle goodness. Purr. :D
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This is not drawing. This is also not laundry. Today was decompression time though, so laundry has been pushed to tomorrow. In the process of compiling this I realised the creative niche that vidding fills for me, which is being able to sort all my squeeful thoughts and say here are all the things I love about ____. With music attached. I always feel slightly weird about vidding since I don't approach it with any intention to learn the finer details of editing or crafting a strong visual narrative, but coming to understand why I vid makes me feel more comfortable sharing what I've made.

I also feel like all the classic and contemporary big band/crooners I've been listening to while working in the lab this semester was just preparing me to fall in love with this show. Also, OT3 much? Purr.

White Collar Vid - Neal/Peter/Elizabeth - Peroxide Swing )

Or right-click and download.
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Last night I picked up pasta for dinner from the cafe around the corner, and instead of working on our finals, J and I watched 5 episodes of White Collar.

In our defense, we were both too exhausted from work to do anything productive.

Also in our defense, we are addicted.

We will be saving the last ep for /after/ finals. I... I'm probably going to need icons. :x

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