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Each and every year, Yuletide continues to be amazing. Behold, recs for my very own awesome goodies! Share button, you so handy!

Frosty the Snow Manager - Some Like It Hot - Gen (Sugar and Daphne) - Sweet Sue and Society Syncopators Snowbound! Manager has flu! Sugar steps in to save the day! Extra, extra, read all about it!

snippet )

First person can be so tough to pull off, but I can't imagine this any other way. Daphne's voice is perfect and this fic is too adorable for words. My request was for Sugar to have to dress as a man for some reason, and imagining her in Beinstock's suit and bossing around a booking agent is just TOO FUN. This is my absolute most favorite movie and I was iffy about requesting it since I love the canon so much, but getting this fic I am so very glad I put it on the list!

Low Life - X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) - Gen (Remy and Logan) - Remy trips over an old man he met once, under fairly memorable circumstances.

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Everything Remy should've been in the movie, and everything I love about him all in a single fic. Set post-film wherein Remy trips over an unconscious Logan and brings him home. It's a basic premise and yet it gives such a fantastic peek into Remy's life and the way he thinks. Beautifully written with nods towards greater canon that made me all kinds of flaily.

Talent Mastery - World of Warcraft - Slashy (Thassarian and Koltira) - Orbaz Bloodbane threatens Koltira. Thassarian intervenes.

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OMG this fic! I didn't expect humour for the pairing when I requested it, and this is as fun as punching Deathwing in the face. For reals. There's a little bit of adorableness that's practically all "will you stay in my alcove with me, circle one, y/n" and some badass fighting, and a whole of Thassarian has epic feels for Koltira sprinkled with bantery flirting. Next time I raise a Bone Shield, I'm pretty sure I'm going to LOL.


Jun. 4th, 2011 04:58 pm
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X-men:First Class just hit like all my buttons.

Pretty sure J was surprised that I didn't spontaneously combust or something.

I can't even squee properly because I'M THAT EXCITED.
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I expect no one to remember that I took prompts months upon months ago and none of them wanted to be simple or short. [insanejournal.com profile] cluegirl asked for "Magneto/Logan, profoundly dubcon".

The Same Deep Water
X-men. Magneto/Logan. NC-17. ~2500 words. Dub-con. Movieverse. Post X3.
My boy, the one thing you'll learn straight away is that an animal in this house earns its keep.

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And now for my 2009 fic review...

I've never done this before! It's neat to see the full breakdown. I also wrote a lot more SPN than I thought I did.

Total stories: 30 (about 43,000 words)

Fandom Breakdown:

X-men - 7 stories total, 2 of them being RPF. Includes the longest story I wrote this year, which was 7200 words of Logan/Remy porn, and the second longest story, which was 4990 words of Victor/Logan/Remy. Total wordcount: 22,537.

Supernatural - 7 stories total, 2 of them being RPF, 1 of them a crossover (with Smokin' Aces). Most of these were written for the initial round of blindfold_spn. 4/7 feature John or Jeff, of the remaining 3, 2 of them are non-con featuring Dean. Cough. Total wordcount: 6,488

A Song of Ice and Fire - 3 stories total. All short pieces, all featuring Sandor Clegane. Total wordcount: 1,288

Batman (Nolanverse), and Smokin' Aces both got 2 stories out of me.

Fringe, CSI:Las Vegas, Boondock Saints, Baccano!, Harry Potter, Kill Bill, TV Commercials, The Prestige, Owly, and White Collar all got 1 story each out of me.

Kinks I wrote in 2009: daddykink, costumes, asphyxiation, corsetry, pregnant sex, watersports, tickling, pegging, spanking, double penetration, bondage, master/servant.

Turns out a lot of these were for porn_battle or blindfold_spn and I'd never properly cleaned up and posted to DW/IJ, but they're all tidied up now and posted at AO3 and my site. (Well, except for the White Collar one, since I wrote that last night.)

Roundup and links for all fics not posted on DW/IJ: )
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This was supposed to be anon commentporn, but then it wasn't fulfilling what the OP had asked for so I wrote it for Blue instead.

Boys' Club
X-men RPS. Hugh Jackman/Liev Schrieber/Taylor Kitsch. NC-17. 3400 words.
God, tonight he'd be a slut for it if that's what they wanted.

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I think I had about a day to breathe after getting back from con, but that's being generous. Finished up part two of the big design gig I've been working on, and have been catching up and refining my class projects. Today I worked opening shift for the first time in about a month and it was ridiculously busy, but that just meant I hardly felt the hours go by.

So, I've been playing a bit over on IJ's [insanejournal.com profile] porn_battle. The drabble tally, so far:

X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Stryker/Victor, always about Logan

Baccano!, Fermet/Czeslaw, the mental torture is worse than the physical

Commercials, Mr. Clean/Scrubbing Bubbles scrubbers, raw

Batman: The Dark Knight, Batman/Jim Gordon, night visitor

On a completely different note, anyone who works, lives, or has ties to Oakland and who are interested in community news/blogging/local journalism and activism, OaklandLocal is hosting a meetup on Nov 16th downtown. There are some very inspired folks with great ideas involved in the site, so if you've got any inclination, please consider checking it out!
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So despite working desk and technically not needing to be in the office until 9-10, I was up extra early to take J to his ridiculously early appointment at the oral surgeon. He was training a new morning baker, so I ended up putting together a fruit platter for a morning catering. I was proud of myself, as I managed to make it look very pretty and kaleidoscopic. After that was all taken care of, I drove J in, and was able to arrange to pay half the bill now and half at the beginning of next month (whew!) and headed back to my concrete box.

He texted me when he was all done, and it went really fast. Tim was nice enough to pick him up and take him to the pharmacy. J's doing well and healing up from his crazy bone graft. The dental literature tells me that the bone can come from several sources, and if you choose not to use chunks of your own bone, it can come from a cadaver. Exciting! After his jaw heals in a few months he'll be getting a titanium implant. Step one towards turning J into a zombie robot is complete.

In other news, while I was trying not to go crazy working on a design gig, I decided to put my restless energy to good use and threw together some poster comps for [personal profile] blue_soaring's latest fics. I love poster design. They're my favourite gigs to do. :3 Typically I get ultra inspired by the typography on a lot of the promo posters for bands I like, and my typography geek is in fine form these days.

Blue posted em over on her journal, so you can see them in this post. Worksafe imagery, but some fic quotes used in the designs.

I want to do more! :3
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Yay to the evil twin for helping me finish this thing.

Silk Over Splinters
X-men Origins:Wolverine. Logan/Remy. NC-17. 7200 words. Co-authored by [personal profile] blue_soaring.
Remy's got answers to all the wrong hurts.

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Rather than simply repost all my really old X-men stuff, I've decided to redraw them as practise/warm-up.

So here's a pic of Kurt I originally did way back in 2003. Now with moar skillz, and my other favourite bodily fluid. Side by side of the before/after included under the cut. ^_^

X-men. Nightcrawler. NSFW. Sacrilicious imagery.

2003 Nightcrawler Redraw [NSFW] )
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Sketched this last night while doing some studies and put some colour on it today. It went really quick! I love drawing Logan. He's one of those characters where I have no problem pushing the expressions. Like so...

X-men Origins:Wolverine. Victor/Logan. PG-13.

A Hide Full of Napalm )
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Of all the ships I thought I'd write tickling for, this wasn't it. One more to go for a bingo!

Underneath the Skin
X-men Origins:Wolverine. Victor/Logan. NC-17. 3200 words. Tickling. Watersports. For the tickling spot on my kink_bingo card.
It's not that Victor is incapable of taking things slow, it's more that once he knows what he wants, he ups and takes it.

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X-Factor #45: I feel late to the party, but... um... guh.

Oh, boys, finally.

So J went to the zoo today with his family. I stayed home and tidied things up and did some design work and then drew Victor/Logan for [personal profile] blue_soaring because she was feeding me tidbits of her latest fic. My image is way, way, smooshy in comparison, but I don't even care that it's fluffysmoosh, that's how hard I am crushing on them today.

X-men Origins:Wolverine. Victor/Logan. G.

X-men - Victor/Logan - The Union Forever )
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The alternate title being: Team Porn Wants Bears.

Hugh Jackman is a robot, or possibly the devil
X-men RPS. Hugh Jackman/Liev Schreiber. NC-17. 2800 words. Some spanking, some perving on Liev's chops, a goodly amount of taunting, and implied poly relationships. For the teasing spot on my [community profile] kink_bingo card.
"You win," Liev says, "I give up. This is me giving up."

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Evil twin loves me and not only writes hot Peter/Olivia for the crossdressing slot on her Kink Bingo card, but also sends me Victor/Logan animal play tidbits all day. I ♥ it when our fandoms are aligned. I also ♥ Kink Bingo. Now um, if I could only get cracking on more slots on my card. Instead, I draw! Besides commission things, today I've been working on a Greed/Kimberly piece and more Fringe fanart, but I took time away from those to fool around with painting techniques and a slightly different base palette than I'm accustomed to using. Fun times.

X-men. Gambit. G.

X-men - Study: Gambit )
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No Business like Show Business
X-men Origins:Wolverine. Victor/Logan/Remy. NC-17. 5k words. Underaged prostitution. AU so far as Remy is alive in the 30s. [community profile] kink_bingo: Double Penetration (one hole).
No one batted an eye in this quarter for the familiar hand Victor kept low on Remy's back.

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In further procrastination this morning and upon seeing someone voice a "where is all the hot Logan/Remy?" I dug up the links to my favourite fics.

I rec'd these on my LJ years ago, and am relieved to find working links for them! The accented dialogue of Remy's speech frequently is reproduced as it was in the comics, so if that's a peeve of yours go in forewarned. Somewhere out there is a Logan/Remy danger room fic that was also panty-melting. I'll see if I can track down.

Logan's Experiment by O. This is and always probably will be my favourite Logan/Remy story. It has a beautiful lyrical quality to the prose. The first time I read it, it took me a few paragraphs to get into the flow, but after that initial hurdle it's always been a fluid read. This one also brings in those few hints of Remy's telepathy.

"Left y'here for the clean-up crew, eh?" Logan murmured, appreciating the drape of outstretched body, long and spare, the lift of deep ribs hollowing out a hard narrow belly like a young hunting hound.

Games by Cheyenne Dancer. There are certain tropes that I don't see very often anymore, but maybe I'm just reading in the wrong places. This, however, is one of my favourite sex club fics ever.

He could worry about why Logan had shown up here, tonight, later... after he had given him the slip. Remy felt the heat traveling up his face, started to say something and then changed his mind. He could play Logan's game. It might even be fun. He was sure the X-man was all bluff. And bluffing was Gambit's game.

The Rough, The Smooth, & The Inbetween by Glamour Ghoul. This one's a Logan/Jean/Remy with an established Logan/Jean adding Remy to pot and it is smoking hot. If you like doubleteaming hetporn with a light sprinkling of slash, this fic is for you.

Her mind raced backward several days, to a quiet afternoon when she and Betsy had made tea and pondered what Logan and Remy could possibly be discussing with such seriousness. Now, without using even the tiniest bit of her power, she was absolutely sure what it was.


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