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How to Succeed in Business
Supernatural. Dean/Crowley. Dean/Sam hints. Series canon AU (It’s a Terrible Life). Dubious consent (Dean doesn’t know Crowley’s a demon but Crowley knows that Dean Smith is really Dean Winchester). Facefucking, deepthroating, shameless porn. Written for the SPN rarepair fest.
It's happy hour and a stranger in a very nice suit buys Dean Smith the most expensive drink he's ever had.

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Haha, I started this promptly for Kink Bingo when I first got my card. For the Obedience square, and also now for Amnesty because stupid Gabriel wouldn't cooperate with dirty filthy porn.

In the Rising Wind
Legion. Michael/Gabriel. 3k words. Wingporn. Angelcest. Submission.
The flame that raged in Gabriel would engulf them both. He raised his head high as it shone in his eyes, incandescent and cruel. Let Michael see so plainly what he would beg of his brother.

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J and I went out for breakfast and now I'm hanging out at his work while he records some video tutorials. Coming to his workplace always makes me want to work on modeling/lighting again. I suppose I just need to find some fannish projects that I won't be ridiculously picky about to put my energy into. Happily I've been managing to spread my free time pretty successfully between writing, drawing, and gaming rather than being so tired like I had been that I end up with the gaming version of vegging out in front of the TV. Good times.

Ages ago [personal profile] helens78 prompted somewhere for Fury/Rhodey public sex...at least this is what my memory tells me. Whatever the reason, here is some public handjob porn!

Marvel. Fury/Rhodey. 1650 words. Sex in public. Handjobs. Hints of past Tony/Rhodey.
Fury always seems to know what's going on, with timing that verges on theatrical, as if he's got his finger on the pulse of the universe.

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I expect no one to remember that I took prompts months upon months ago and none of them wanted to be simple or short. [insanejournal.com profile] cluegirl asked for "Magneto/Logan, profoundly dubcon".

The Same Deep Water
X-men. Magneto/Logan. NC-17. ~2500 words. Dub-con. Movieverse. Post X3.
My boy, the one thing you'll learn straight away is that an animal in this house earns its keep.

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Slowly reposting Porn Battle fics. Went and saw the movie again yesterday with [personal profile] nekofreak. I'm still trying to resist writing Bob/Percy.

Legion. Michael/Gabriel. NC-17. 1200 words. Wingporn.
If they were to know their father's wrath for this, it would be with one heart.

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Written for Porn Battle IX.

Bad Celebrity Influence
Marvel. Teddy Altman/Billy Kaplan/Tony Stark. Steve Rogers/Tony Stark implied. NC-17. ~2500 words. Shapeshifting.
That sex tape was never going to be the same.

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I've been secretly wanting to write this since Kiefer's 2006 Rolling Stone article came out and he first mentioned they'd been roommates. Porn Battle is such a good enabler. :D

Not Quite Ready for Primetime
Brat Pack RPS. Kiefer Sutherland/Robert Downey Jr. NC-17. ~1250 words. Drugs/Drunkenness. For the prompt: sobriety.
Kiefer sure as shit is a smooth talker when he's got a double-whammy of coke and tequila loosening him up.

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Go, go, team porn. \o/

Change of Plans
Sherlock Holmes. Holmes/Watson. NC-17. ~3800 words. Co-produced with [personal profile] blue_soaring. Embedded image NSFW.
"Gently, gently!" Holmes rocked nearly up onto his toes with the force of it, his hand grabbing in a most satisfying way at Watson's forearm.

Change of Plans
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And now for my 2009 fic review...

I've never done this before! It's neat to see the full breakdown. I also wrote a lot more SPN than I thought I did.

Total stories: 30 (about 43,000 words)

Fandom Breakdown:

X-men - 7 stories total, 2 of them being RPF. Includes the longest story I wrote this year, which was 7200 words of Logan/Remy porn, and the second longest story, which was 4990 words of Victor/Logan/Remy. Total wordcount: 22,537.

Supernatural - 7 stories total, 2 of them being RPF, 1 of them a crossover (with Smokin' Aces). Most of these were written for the initial round of blindfold_spn. 4/7 feature John or Jeff, of the remaining 3, 2 of them are non-con featuring Dean. Cough. Total wordcount: 6,488

A Song of Ice and Fire - 3 stories total. All short pieces, all featuring Sandor Clegane. Total wordcount: 1,288

Batman (Nolanverse), and Smokin' Aces both got 2 stories out of me.

Fringe, CSI:Las Vegas, Boondock Saints, Baccano!, Harry Potter, Kill Bill, TV Commercials, The Prestige, Owly, and White Collar all got 1 story each out of me.

Kinks I wrote in 2009: daddykink, costumes, asphyxiation, corsetry, pregnant sex, watersports, tickling, pegging, spanking, double penetration, bondage, master/servant.

Turns out a lot of these were for porn_battle or blindfold_spn and I'd never properly cleaned up and posted to DW/IJ, but they're all tidied up now and posted at AO3 and my site. (Well, except for the White Collar one, since I wrote that last night.)

Roundup and links for all fics not posted on DW/IJ: )
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My main contribution:

Boondock Saints - Connor/Murphy - Merry Fuckin' Christmas - Post-canon (not counting BDS2) dystopia. They're on their last few gallons of gas, their last box of bullets, and a road that goes on forever. With the world gone to ruin and the cities in chaos, doubt is the greatest sin.

Madness treats:

Owly - Owly, Wormy - Happy Owlidays - Fluff. Owly and Wormy's advent calendar tell them that today is the day to get a tree for decorating. (I was stupidly excited to see that someone had requested this fandom, I love it so much.)

A Song of Ice and Fire - Joffrey, Sandor - Just as Cruel - Joffrey hates cats. He hates dogs even more.

Soul Calibur - Voldo/Vercci - Neither Eyes Nor Words - He will guard the Soul Edge as he had guarded the Pit's vast treasure: faithfully and without mercy.

Ended up writing two treats for the same person, but they had a prompt for Sandor and one for Voldo and how could I resist. :3
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This was supposed to be anon commentporn, but then it wasn't fulfilling what the OP had asked for so I wrote it for Blue instead.

Boys' Club
X-men RPS. Hugh Jackman/Liev Schrieber/Taylor Kitsch. NC-17. 3400 words.
God, tonight he'd be a slut for it if that's what they wanted.

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I keep forgetting to post this. I'm sure [insanejournal.com profile] dungeons_master has forgotten they even left me a prompt. Which was, for the record: Snape/Harry, skinnydipping ^^;

The Briefest Touch
Harry Potter. Snape/Harry. R. 575 words.
This was their life now, simple, quiet, free to swim naked in the middle of the day should they wish it.

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Basic heat I can deal with for the most part, but this humidity thing has got to go.

And now here's the first of the not-drabbles that I took like a month ago. Aharhr. For [personal profile] stewardess who asked for a Tremor brother(s)/a Winchester brother(s). Weaponry.

Last Call
Smokin' Aces/Supernatural. Jeeves/Dean. R. 1900 words. Non-con of the unwanted groping variety.
A thousand successful hunts and more wounds than scars, and this is how it was going to end?

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For once, I'm not the one with the backlog of stuff to beta. Mwahaha. Also, omg this makes a bingo, I did it! :D

CSI:LV Season 7. Greg Sanders/Mike Keppler. R. 2400 words. Follows Candyass by Blue Soaring. For the striptease spot on my Kink Bingo card.
At this point, Mike could suggest just about anything and Greg's head would bounce like a bobble-doll.

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Yay to the evil twin for helping me finish this thing.

Silk Over Splinters
X-men Origins:Wolverine. Logan/Remy. NC-17. 7200 words. Co-authored by [personal profile] blue_soaring.
Remy's got answers to all the wrong hurts.

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Of all the ships I thought I'd write tickling for, this wasn't it. One more to go for a bingo!

Underneath the Skin
X-men Origins:Wolverine. Victor/Logan. NC-17. 3200 words. Tickling. Watersports. For the tickling spot on my kink_bingo card.
It's not that Victor is incapable of taking things slow, it's more that once he knows what he wants, he ups and takes it.

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The Push of Bones
Hellboy II. Nuada/Nuala. R. 530 words. Incest. For the worship spot on my kink_bingo card.
She is everything that he is and everything that he is not.

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The alternate title being: Team Porn Wants Bears.

Hugh Jackman is a robot, or possibly the devil
X-men RPS. Hugh Jackman/Liev Schreiber. NC-17. 2800 words. Some spanking, some perving on Liev's chops, a goodly amount of taunting, and implied poly relationships. For the teasing spot on my [community profile] kink_bingo card.
"You win," Liev says, "I give up. This is me giving up."

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No Business like Show Business
X-men Origins:Wolverine. Victor/Logan/Remy. NC-17. 5k words. Underaged prostitution. AU so far as Remy is alive in the 30s. [community profile] kink_bingo: Double Penetration (one hole).
No one batted an eye in this quarter for the familiar hand Victor kept low on Remy's back.

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Doing a lot of drawing and graphics today, so distraction by meme seems like a good idea.

Give me a character from any fandom, TV show, movie, book you know that I know I've written and I will tell you:

a. My favorite thing about that character.
b. My least favorite thing about that character.
c. One person I would ship them with in their own verse.
d. One crossover ship for them I think would be neat.
e. One crossover universe for them I think would be even neater.
f. Their ship from hell.
g. Their song.
h. The title of their biography or autobiography.
i. The last bad dream they had.
j. How they're gonna shuffle off the mortal coil, if they haven't already.

I also forgot to link to this here, but I'd also written some Sansa/Sandor for PB8.

Dawn Approaches
A Song of Ice and Fire. Sansa/Sandor. R. 300 words.
Grim-faced, he stalks her in her dreams.

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