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Work has gotten busy but also exciting this week. My department has gotten the go ahead to do some really awesome shit with the flagship website. It took a while for me to get everyone around me to learn to disengage from the existing framework and workflow, but finally everyone is able to conceptualize that the content doesn't need to fit into such rigid formats and that means fun times ahead. Given that a solid part of my job is SEO means that after launch I'll actually be able to do fun things like A/B landing pages and making our content more keyword friendly. We'll also have the ability to set up a proper editorial workflow too.

I've been burning through the base content migration this week and ended up ahead of schedule, which on the one hand was fabulous, since we might need to archive less at launch, but it also meant I did nothing but source and sort stock photo assets. After 8 hours of that I am fried.

Doing all the content migration though (and having just started doing some spring cleaning on our backup drive) is making me consider scheduling out an attempt to actually get the giant backlog of ancient artwork up on my personal site. Given that the way wordpress handles media now it's not as daunting as it was the last time I actually looked at doing that.

I've been playing a lot more Guild Wars 2 this week and over the weekend since I've been a bit too tired to really focus on anything creative. It's been fun, though I still don't quite like it as much as I like WoW, but I'm really disconnected on WoW since most of the folks I used to run with don't play anymore, and I still haven't settled onto the server that my coworker plays on. I wish I could pinpoint what I find less satisfying about GW2!
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I'm settling in to the new job nicely. Getting to know my co-workers better has been going at a nice pace, and so far everyone is absolutely lovely. As I've been adjusting to the change in schedule, I've also been re-learning how to cook meals more complicated than stir-fry. I do miss having customer interaction as part of my daily routine, but at the same time it's a welcome change. Building my wardrobe back out again is slower going, but I added some new key foundation pieces, and I'm looking forward to taking my bike out to do some thrifting around town after pay day.

I feel like I've been making a ton of changes that have been a long time coming, like I swapped out my iMac for my gaming laptop, and even if my Cintiq isn't an ideal main monitor, it's still very usable and I'm enjoying not needing to reboot to swap between drawing and playing stuff. It took a full day to get everything updated and patched, but I played a little Battlefield 3 for a first time in forever. Our internet connection is still not ideal, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to actually hop in to multiplayer anytime soon, or even brush the dust off my WoW account, though it's lag spikes now instead of random disconnects which may still make basic dungeon tanking a possibility. I can't seem to fully get into Guild Wars, but that could be primarily just that J's been preoccupied with homework assignments so I'm not getting the social satisfaction when I log in and poke at it solo.

Today I'm debating whether or not to sign up for a third holiday exchange, and also I may make cookies or pumpkin pie brownies. I may also perhaps watch some baseball and make new icons and chip away at needed correspondence. Good times.
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Trying to get back into the habit of sketching or doodling at least a little something each day and I'm looking forward to Saturday when I'll actually have time to draw.

Today's Sketch - in which I'm still not over the novelty of worgen. )

I kept working on it past this point, but didn't do much beyond pull back away from such a close up.

In related news, my main guild keeps having spats of mini-drama since our leader does not have the best motivational skills. I like helping level a smaller guild--I swear that I am single handedly going to earn the critter kill achievement-but man, I think they're a little too focused on raiding and I don't have the time to be more than a casual player. The other guild I'm in is nice enough, but it's also fairly large which means it's not easy to get to know people without being around a ton. I end up playing on the normal server where J's and my main were originally, but I find that I miss being on an rp server which is a holdover from how much rp I used to do when I was actively mudding. Then again, I don't feel bad about having a stable full of fannishly named pets on my non-rp hunter. Hah.

And now that I have rambled enough to want to log in for a quest or two before I crash, I have to drag myself back a bit more tedious design work.
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I've been working on two projects concurrently which I picked up at Y-con. One is going beautifully and I am quite happy with. The other I've put at least 20 hours into and am now looking at having to scrap 75% of that work and practically start over. Ugh. I'm determined to get this damn thing done and looking decent, but I doubt I'll be pleased with the result. Working at both of these at the same time is making it pretty clear to me how big of a difference good art direction and timely feedback makes on a project.

I otherwise feel fairly boring. I went and saw my boss' band play a gig this past weekend and that was pretty fantastic. I may end up doing posters for the band, which is always one of my fav things to do designwise. After 9 months of ant-free living outside of a few rainy day forays into the bathroom, we now have exploratory scout ants discovering tiny crumbs in our kitchen. We've scoured everything, so I'm hoping beyond hope they don't find enough to keep them interested and will go back whence they came as soon as the weather turns.

J and I feel prey like a good chunk of other people to the lure of the top hat and reinstated our WoW accounts. Been playing a tiny bit here and there, but definitely don't feel in any way addicted or obligated, so it's pretty enjoyable. Based on the tiny reindeer companion in his old inventory, it looks like we haven't played since 2005, which doesn't seem right somehow and yet is accurate.

Trying to wrestle with email now... Praying I don't drown in it.

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