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Back in 2004 I doodled Gimli in Pikachu's pose. Saw the Hobbit last weekend and felt it was time to bring this back. Dwarves! J colored it for me. Lineart here.

Lord of the Rings. Legolas & Gimli.

Gimlichu! )
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Earlier today I read I Was Only Borrowing Time (I Was Going To Put It Back) by [personal profile] copperbadge and my innocent attempt at a portrait study was led astray.

And this isn't exactly from the fic but um, artistic license or something? I think I just like the idea of Peter being all "Oh great, and now there's slime on my shirt." And I don't know why I didn't even attempt to put Neal in this, since the fic was /about him/... THE POINT IS I'VE WATCHED LIKE 60 GAZILLION EPISODES IN THE LAST TWO WEEKS AND I FEEL THAT I CAN'T BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR MY ACTIONS.

White Collar/Doctor Who - Tenth Doctor & Peter - Slug Problem )
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I am so bored and scatterbrained today I can't stand it. I was supposed to work an event but then we backed out on it and that sort of just set the tone for my day. Keep trying to do graphics work or paint and failing so ending up doing studies instead. Which is helpful in its own way but not particularly satisfying.

Torchwood. Jack Harkness.

Torchwood. Jack Harkness. )
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My main contribution:

Boondock Saints - Connor/Murphy - Merry Fuckin' Christmas - Post-canon (not counting BDS2) dystopia. They're on their last few gallons of gas, their last box of bullets, and a road that goes on forever. With the world gone to ruin and the cities in chaos, doubt is the greatest sin.

Madness treats:

Owly - Owly, Wormy - Happy Owlidays - Fluff. Owly and Wormy's advent calendar tell them that today is the day to get a tree for decorating. (I was stupidly excited to see that someone had requested this fandom, I love it so much.)

A Song of Ice and Fire - Joffrey, Sandor - Just as Cruel - Joffrey hates cats. He hates dogs even more.

Soul Calibur - Voldo/Vercci - Neither Eyes Nor Words - He will guard the Soul Edge as he had guarded the Pit's vast treasure: faithfully and without mercy.

Ended up writing two treats for the same person, but they had a prompt for Sandor and one for Voldo and how could I resist. :3
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One last doodle for the evening. Counting this one as my daily sketch (picking /that/ little experiment up again) as I went more painterly on this. More doodles tomorrow when half my day isn't spent doing last minute shopping!

For [personal profile] muccamukk via [personal profile] healingmirth.

Marvel - Steve as Nomad )
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Fooling around with portraits and tone and new brushes.

A Song of Ice and Fire. Loras. G.

Loras )

At work today, I made vegan ginger carrot cake cupcakes. They were awesome.
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Gideon is one of the main characters in the historical novel [personal profile] blue_soaring is writing. He ended up with a resemblance that I wasn't aiming for originally, but I like it. Drew this pretty quickly and extended the canvas downwards so the anatomy is a bit crap, but I learned quite a bit fooling around with this, especially as far as painting hair goes. Also I shocked myself once I realised I drew this in about an hour. Level up!

Original. Gideon. PG.

Gideon )
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I have absolutely nothing to chatter about.

Concept art for my character sculpt... )

Been wanting to play things, but ogame is about all I have time for. It's nice being able to queue up things and then just sit back and wait as my empire grows stronger.
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Guess what I saw today? :D And now that I've gotten this out of my system, I think hope I'm good. \o/

Inglourious Basterds. Donny&Aldo. R. Blood n' corpses.

Going to the Movies )
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I haven't drawn a catboy in forever.

Was doodling and playing with more cartoon styles (WS) and eventually reverted a bit more to my own style. I don't know what the market is for amputee catboys in skirts who like to eat mice, but here's one for ya'll. His name is Frankie. :3

Original. Frankie. PG-13. Amputee. Crossdressing.

Frankie's Still a Mouser )
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Rather than simply repost all my really old X-men stuff, I've decided to redraw them as practise/warm-up.

So here's a pic of Kurt I originally did way back in 2003. Now with moar skillz, and my other favourite bodily fluid. Side by side of the before/after included under the cut. ^_^

X-men. Nightcrawler. NSFW. Sacrilicious imagery.

2003 Nightcrawler Redraw [NSFW] )
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Evil twin loves me and not only writes hot Peter/Olivia for the crossdressing slot on her Kink Bingo card, but also sends me Victor/Logan animal play tidbits all day. I ♥ it when our fandoms are aligned. I also ♥ Kink Bingo. Now um, if I could only get cracking on more slots on my card. Instead, I draw! Besides commission things, today I've been working on a Greed/Kimberly piece and more Fringe fanart, but I took time away from those to fool around with painting techniques and a slightly different base palette than I'm accustomed to using. Fun times.

X-men. Gambit. G.

X-men - Study: Gambit )
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I clearly am juggling too many things to keep to a daily schedule for sketches and studies, but here we are with a run at rim lighting. Finished this a couple days ago, and I'm surprisingly still satisfied with it.

Fringe. Peter. G.

Fringe - Study: Peter Bishop )
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B&Elle "slither" PB8 prompt finished up as gen for DETOX, since once again, I had pornfail for the ship.

A Long Ways from Nowhere
Kill Bill. B&Elle. PG-13. 425 words. Post KB2.
A black wind blows.

Read Me. )
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Went to my weekly workshop and polished up what was going to be a daily (weekly?) sketch. Sabretooth was the focus, but then I started adding Wolverine. I had rudimentary lineart for him but liked the look when I did a silhouette test, so left it that way. :D

X-men. Wolverine&Sabretooth. G.

X-men - Wolverine/Sabretooth - Inside Out )

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