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a. We watched the latest ep of Fringe last night. It has caused me much flailing and thinky thoughts and I love this show so much. Olivia~ <333

b. My design final is proceeding swimmingly! I settled on painting a mandala full of Daleks centered around the Seal of Rassilon. I am halfway done, and it is looking nice.

c. If it is not clear, I have moved on to the drinking and sketching portion of my evening. Unintentional fannishness has ensued due to the beer selection in our fridge.

Longboards, fuck yeah! )

I have possibly read more fic in the last few days than I have all year. It's been nice. Also, more Chin Ho fic pls.
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So J has been watching the new Hawaii Five-0 since it started, right? And I was all, I so don't care. Not even though I've had a crush on Daniel Dae Kim since like his paltry amount of screentime in the second season of 24 and I've always felt a little wibbly over Scott Caan. I watched the original a lot growing up, and thus was all...this guy that is not Jack Lord in this role does not impress me and yeah, whatever, remake. I was immune to the lure, surely it would last! Even if J would casually mention to me: "You'd totally like the characters!" and then this became "Seriously, you'd like them. Also they're slashy." which recently graduated to "Holy crap, when are they going to just make out?" He sent Blue back to the frozen north with episodes and she confirmed that goggles were hardly necessary and also praised the banter. Still I resisted and didn't care.

Then I ran out of episodes of Things to Watch While Doing Homework or Other Work, and so I put on the first ep entirely because I knew it had like 15 seconds of Murphy Norman in it and now I am at episode 7 and have already committed fic reading and god, really, I've felt incapable of writing for all the other shows I am in love with right now, but this, this I could write. If you know, I had any free time whatsoever. ...but done with school in two weeks means this could happen! \o/

Long story short, why do I not listen to them that know me the best? ALSO I AM THE MOST BROKEN AND PREDICTABLE THING EVER AND I THINK I NEED AN ICON. D:

I am however sad they're not rolling around in the original car and it's like a constant Chevy commercial.

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