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I just left the most rambly capslocky comment, and forgot to add OMG TITLE, but yes. The first time I ever heard this song it was immediately Victor/Logan in my head and oh, ohhh.

My shiny Yuletide present came complete with the delicious sort of amnesia-laden dubcon that is possibly my favorite of all tropes in the X-Men Origins fandom. It leaves me with tons of questions in all the right ways, where I want to know like burning what happens next, but it's still so very satisfying. sdflkjs. Victor, you magnificent bastard. :DDDD

Blood Sticks, Sweat Drips (1660 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)
Rating: Not Rated
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Victor Creed/Logan (X-Men)
Characters: Logan (X-Men), Victor Creed

A stranger from Logan's past brings up unpleasant ideas about who he used to be.

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Finishing a Superman/Batman commission that's on a time limit. Gah. Almost done. Almost done! Signing up for this today somehow seems extra appropriate.

[community profile] superland Come be on my team! :D
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There is a Kisses and Porn Multi-fandom Story Tree going on over here.

I highly encourage playing along (rules and faq and such linked in that post).

There is a ficlet for Peter/Neal and one for Steve/Danny there currently, and I selfishly hope there will soon be more things on it that I will love and want to read. :D

Start words currently branching out are: Happy, Caught, or Exposure.

That last one is just begging for blanketfic, you know it is.
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Prompts for the [community profile] white_collar promptfest are up! (Take note, the prompts are spoilery for season 2.)

Reading through them all it becomes pretty clear to me that White Collar is one of those fandoms for which I'm not nearly so flexible about my ships and am generally picky about the relationship types. It's also too 'real world' for me to want the crack. Well, outside of crossovers, in which case I am all too willing to induce the crack. God, I hope someone writes the Highlander one, complete with a line like: "Neal, I need your sword." And [personal profile] windsorblue, if you didn't drop the prompt there, you're not the only one who totally knows Mozzie and Frohike are like BFF.

I try not to dwell on how I am going to go into withdrawal between now and January.
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Counted out my stash of dollar coin bullion to see about attending Wondercon both today and tomorrow. I ultimately decided to stay home today though and save myself an extra $15 to spend on artists who've stuck it out through Sunday. J's had a cold and while I'm pretty sure it's the same strain that I suffered through a couple weeks ago, I was feeling slightly iffy when I woke up today. Think it was mostly that I didn't get much sleep though (from the boy's coughing and worrying about the fact that he had to go to work at 4am, exhausted or not). After breakfast and coffee I'm feeling good, and glad I decided to only go tomorrow. As much as I want to swoon all over Jake Gyllenhaal, I am ambivalent about his movie, and my main draw is ultimately the Human Target crew.

I have a second interview lined up for this coming week, and while I'm not thrilled about a commute, before we moved away from the Santa Cruz area I was accustomed to one and the company is one I'm interested in working for.

Following multiple TV shows again and being current on them is not something I'm used to.

Fringe )


Finally: [community profile] kinked is a Kink Big Bang, running on DW. I highly encourage writers/artists to sign up! 10k words of any kink. With a big fat emphasis on ANY. Your kink is okay <3, and "[the] challenge is open to all forms of kinky eroticism, whether or not they include genital pleasure." I should also mention that it's not fandom-specific, original works are welcome too!


Jan. 20th, 2010 11:02 pm
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Went with [personal profile] nekofreak to see Daybreakers. Even though I knew all the parts that were vaguely jumpy, I still jumped. Oh, my shame.

I <3 Frankie even more this time around. Guh. sdfljs.

In other news, I've been prompting for Porn Battle IX: Dressed to the Nines and skimming the other prompts while doing so. I used to think I just didn't care about crossovers at all, but after finding myself writing them here and there, I guess it's more that they're hit and miss for me and I tend to require at least something in common between the fandoms. When characters from different fandoms get paired together usually I'm just nothing but bzuh, and then sometimes I am all yay Tony Stark! GIMME , and then other times my brain ACCIDENTALLY comes up with things and then they don't get out of my head. Like Jecht/Hermione with Jecht as the new Quidditch star. I don't know why, but I want it. Probably it is the many opportunities for hotwrong. Oh, me.

In summary: Frankie = ♥
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- My classes are awesome this semester. All of them except english. I took the same exact class two years ago, only when my credit transferred in, it did so for the prereq. Thanks, AAU, for fucking over my transfer credits in as many ways as possible.

- I have a cold. Hopefully this won't be a repeat of the billion day cough of the cold I had last year.

- Did I mention my classes are awesome? I get to sculpt a maquette! And need to buy a few artbooks I've been wanting for ages but hadn't gotten around to. Yay for fun required texts.

Fun thing of note:

- There is a Watchmen Kink Meme running on Dreamwidth. Even if I haven't played on one of these for ages, I encourage prompts as I am /so/ wanting to doodle.
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Brought to you by [personal profile] bessemerprocess:

You know those old Pornbattle prompts you saved, because they were awesome, but you couldn't figure out how to make them porny? The kink_bingo squares you thought should totally be written for BFFS? All the prompts with a / where you wanted a &?

DETOX is the challenge for you. June has been a porn heavy month for the flist, and the twitterites talked me into doing something about it.

-You can use any prompt you want.
-Turn the prompt into something Gen. No steamy scenes or porny plots! Tell me about Best Friends and Crazy Antics.


Runs for one short week up until the 22nd. ^_^

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