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I am consistently astonished by how each year I manage to receive the most amazing fics in Yuletide. I've historically requested Spy Game more often than any other Redford film, but this year I opted to go for Butch & Sundance and oh god, I am so glad I did because this is SO GOOD. It's an amazing blend of fix-it and partners to lovers and everything I have ever wanted out of fic for these two. The bits of Etta/Sundance are perfect and it's one of those fics that I wanted to just quote back in its entirety when I was trying to leave a coherent comment. SO, SO GOOD.

And The History Books Forgot About Us
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Butch Cassidy/The Sundance Kid
Characters: Butch Cassidy, The Sundance Kid
Additional Tags: Post-Movie(s), Fix-It, Past Etta/Sundance, Domestic, Pining

Sundance thinks about shaving off his moustache – it gives him away, always has. But he looks at his drawn face in the dirty mirror, and can't quite manage it. Gotta be something there to recognise, something of the famous old days.

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Hawkeye (comics). Gen. Gift art for "know you're not alone" posted in the 2012 Yuletide challenge. Art is gen, but story is Clint/Cap written in amazing Kate POV. Text in the speech bubble is from the fic, by...anonymous until the reveal! Lineart here.

Merry (expletive gerund) Kwanzaa... )
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[community profile] fringe_exchange went live today.

I got a giftfic of pre-canon Redverse John Scott and Olivia being badass!

I think I've read it ten times already. ;-;

Feelings everywhere.

Slowly making my way through all the other entries. There is so much good stuff, including fix-its and lots of Astrid, and it all just makes me ridiculously happy <3333.
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I just left the most rambly capslocky comment, and forgot to add OMG TITLE, but yes. The first time I ever heard this song it was immediately Victor/Logan in my head and oh, ohhh.

My shiny Yuletide present came complete with the delicious sort of amnesia-laden dubcon that is possibly my favorite of all tropes in the X-Men Origins fandom. It leaves me with tons of questions in all the right ways, where I want to know like burning what happens next, but it's still so very satisfying. sdflkjs. Victor, you magnificent bastard. :DDDD

Blood Sticks, Sweat Drips (1660 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)
Rating: Not Rated
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Victor Creed/Logan (X-Men)
Characters: Logan (X-Men), Victor Creed

A stranger from Logan's past brings up unpleasant ideas about who he used to be.

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[community profile] ante_up_losers went live and omg. omgomgomg.

Staring Down the Barrel (24601 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Losers (2010)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Franklin Clay/William Roque, Carlos "Cougar" Alvarez/Jake Jensen
Characters: Franklin Clay, Aisha al-Fadhil, William Roque, Carlos "Cougar" Alvarez, Jake Jensen, Linwood "Pooch" Porteous, Max (The Losers)

In which there are unexpected reunions, a plot to end the world, a certain amount of gunfire, and a great many questions.

Not every question has an answer.

But then, not every question needs one.

So much awesome in this. SO MUCH. Long and plotty and amazing characterization. Cougar gets to be badass, Jensen gets all the best lines, and Clay and Roque have all the So Completely Married squabbles. I cannot even....



Dec. 25th, 2011 05:29 pm
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Each and every year, Yuletide continues to be amazing. Behold, recs for my very own awesome goodies! Share button, you so handy!

Frosty the Snow Manager - Some Like It Hot - Gen (Sugar and Daphne) - Sweet Sue and Society Syncopators Snowbound! Manager has flu! Sugar steps in to save the day! Extra, extra, read all about it!

snippet )

First person can be so tough to pull off, but I can't imagine this any other way. Daphne's voice is perfect and this fic is too adorable for words. My request was for Sugar to have to dress as a man for some reason, and imagining her in Beinstock's suit and bossing around a booking agent is just TOO FUN. This is my absolute most favorite movie and I was iffy about requesting it since I love the canon so much, but getting this fic I am so very glad I put it on the list!

Low Life - X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) - Gen (Remy and Logan) - Remy trips over an old man he met once, under fairly memorable circumstances.

snippet )

Everything Remy should've been in the movie, and everything I love about him all in a single fic. Set post-film wherein Remy trips over an unconscious Logan and brings him home. It's a basic premise and yet it gives such a fantastic peek into Remy's life and the way he thinks. Beautifully written with nods towards greater canon that made me all kinds of flaily.

Talent Mastery - World of Warcraft - Slashy (Thassarian and Koltira) - Orbaz Bloodbane threatens Koltira. Thassarian intervenes.

snippet )

OMG this fic! I didn't expect humour for the pairing when I requested it, and this is as fun as punching Deathwing in the face. For reals. There's a little bit of adorableness that's practically all "will you stay in my alcove with me, circle one, y/n" and some badass fighting, and a whole of Thassarian has epic feels for Koltira sprinkled with bantery flirting. Next time I raise a Bone Shield, I'm pretty sure I'm going to LOL.
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I've read a lot of fic in the last month. Quite possibly I have read more than in the whole eleven months prior. I feel that some recs are in order.

Doctor Who - But Know Not What We May Be by [personal profile] jessalae - Eleven/River Song - pegging, spanking, emotion manipulation.
Doctor Who - Rory and the Plastic Cock by [personal profile] fierceturtle - Rory/Amy/Eleven - strap-ons.
The Royal Tenenbaums - There Are No Teams by [archiveofourown.org profile] sophiahelix - Gen fic focused on Ari & Uzi.
The Prestige - (W)hole by [archiveofourown.org profile] zeldadestry - Alfred Borden - sibling incest.
Harry Potter - Body and Soul by a mystery author - Snape/Harry - time travel, EWE.

Full recs for the above. Stories are from Kink Bingo, Yuletide, and Snarry Swap... )

More later. :D
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Drank coffee and read fic this morning. Two short things that made me kick my feet:

White Collar - Peter/Neal/Elizabeth - There's a First Time for Everything by [personal profile] out_there

Fringe/Human Target - Peter and Winston - Before the Storm by [personal profile] elfin

Boring To Do List )
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So many good things. \o/

Batman - Batman/Gordon - Quiet for prompts phone call, emptiness, forgiving
Oh the atmosphere in this. It's everything I love about the ship.
Jim used to wish for quiet nights, back when he had Barbara and the kids to come home to. Maybe he should have moved to Chicago with them, but Gotham weighed him down enough to anchor him here. And of course, there were other reasons.

White Collar - Peter/Neal - The storm I've been needing for prompt 5 years later
I've been avoiding a lot of Peter/Neal for fear of infidelity, so imagine my glee in finding such a lovely and hot fic for them.
Peter didn’t ask who taught her how to pick locks and she didn’t look at him pointedly and didn’t say what they’ve been both thinking: he was missing Neal.

Sherlock Holmes 2009 - Mary/Irene - A Secret She Can Keep
As noted above, I tend to shy away from infidelity, but when it cuts both ways, apparently I am all over it. Particularly lovely language in this as well.
She has spent too long watching her husband and his friend solve crimes to be blinded by such an obvious disguise. The curve of the lips and the smooth jaw are familiar from the photograph on Holmes' desk.

ETA: And a second Mary/Irene fic by the same author Passing for the prompt crossdressing which is possibly even more hot, but my kinks are showing. Also, I'm now officially sold on this ship. Seriously. Guh.

Baccano! - Dallas/Eve - Not Like a Fairy Tale
This would be the other type of sibling ship I love, full of hotwrong and delicious, delicious badtouch.
She's everything. But...

Also, per usual, everything [personal profile] blue_soaring has written which so far is:
rdj/hugh on a marvel photoshoot
holmes/watson in prison
rdj/tony stark to make me finally keymash over actor/character slash
holmes/watson rimming. Obvious trend, much? :3
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Too tired to really do much of anything else, I have spent my day off reading. The result? The following recs from Porn Battle IX: Dressed to the Nines.! Hooray!

Apparently I have a lot, so let's start with Fringe!

Fringe - Peter/Olivia - a hole in you and me that keep us together for prompts skin, tie, shirt
Fantastic tone, excellent Olivia characterisation, and so easy to picture for them.
They meet somewhere in the middle, always in the middle, too much baggage for his place or hers.

Fringe - Walter/Astrid - Grades and Extra Credit for prompts roleplay, new words
This fic has singlehandedly convinced me on the hotness of this ship.
Her eyes are angrily slits at this point, her lips pressed thin. “Late for class, neglecting your work. What am I to do with you?”

Fringe - Peter/Olivia - A Minor Adjustment for prompts genderswap, secret (excerpted in the comm, link is to the full fic)
Extra note: This is really awesome genderswapping. It doesn't ignore the identity issues in favour of the hot.
"Well, I like you being a woman, too," Peter murmurs, and Olivia is glad neither Walter nor Astrid can see the knowing grin he gives her, "but I'm trying to look on the bright side."

Fringe - Nick/Olivia - I see nothing in your eyes for prompt partners
Proof that it doesn't matter how long a fic is to have a lot of impact and a lot of HOT.
"Ever break the rules before, Agent Lane?"

Fringe - Peter/Olivia - Daring for prompts handcuffs, challenge
This is the best handcuff fic I've ever read, particularly because the feed into the (awesomely consensual!) kink as more than just restraints and it makes the situation extra scorching.
Kneeling on the bed with her arms behind her back, work shirt half-unbuttoned, and her hair wild around her shoulders, Peter thought she might be the sexiest creature on the planet.
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Ocean's 11 - Danny/Rusty, Danny/Tess - These Vagabond Shoes - This broke my heart a little, but ultimately in a good way. Very well done in that Danny cares about Tess, so she's not just tossed aside or marginalised, and the evolution of their relationship versus his relationship with Rusty is handled masterfully. Great tone and pacing, and the author completely nails the clever little back and forth between Danny and Rusty, albeit in a different vein than the usual finishing one another's sentences.

Ocean's 11 - Danny/Rusty - A Coke and a Smile - I loved how much of a caper the author managed to fit in under 2k words, and how it didn't feel rushed in any way. The ease of the job made it all the more fun when you realise what Danny is really after. reat voices, and a kicker ending line.

White Collar - Neal/Peter/Elle - And anyone who's ever had a heart - The tension absolutely zings in the best of ways, and an awesome Elizabeth. I felt like the ending snuck up a little quickly, but I imagine that's because I simply wanted more. The OT3 goodness is set up satisfyingly with all that it needs to be a healthy relationship. All in all, this is beautifully written, loads of fun, and the voices are so spot on I can hear them in my head.

And not Yuletide, but [personal profile] blue_soaring wrote New Year's "drabbles" and gave Neko and I a matching set White Collar ficlets, starting with an Iron Man/White Collar crossover featuring Tony/Neal and then following up with some Neal/Peter/Elle goodness. Purr. :D
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A handful of recs. I'm loving the bookmarking feature on AO3 so far. Recs may sound slightly more excitable than usual since they're roughly the main non-spoilery parts of my feedback to the authors.

Spy Game - Tom Bishop/Nathan Muir - Cloak or Dagger - Substantial and plotty and seriously everything that a fic in this fandom should be. Set immediately post-film, it feels like an extension of the canon, with a very organic shift to Tom's point of view and having to deal with the aftermath of the op. The fic has all the best things that I love about the movie, complete with glimpses at the nuances of Tom's training, Nathan's seemingly boundless secrets, and just the right amount of fill-in-the-backstory to make certain scenes even more powerful than they were in the canon. Also notably it doesn't skimp on the fact that they are spies and comes complete with all the intrigue that makes the genre so compelling. Just amazing.

Casino Royale - Bond/M - If Headaches Persist, Shoot Your Agent - This was fabulously fun from start to finish. Fantastic character voices. I found M particularly delightful, as she comes across with a lovely amount of wit and charm beneath the no-nonsense, unruffled exterior. Exactly as she should!

The Breakfast Club - Brian/Bender - Most Likely To - This fulfills all the things that makes Brian/Bender my ship of choice. The reminiscing and touching upon high school came in just the right amounts so as to be neither distracting nor trite. The slow progression of his relationship with Bender was a treat, and felt very natural, real, and believable! The format lent itself beautifully towards the story unfolding with a sense of anticipation. Gorgeous writing and characterisation all around.

Baccano! - Isaac&Miria - And Many More - This manages to capture the very essence of Isaac and Miria with the perfect combination of ingredients. The tone has all the fun and mischief of the way they approach the world and has their voices down pat. Not only did I have that all-too-rare experience of hearing their voices with the dialogue, but it was all so very vivid. The format setting the story up almost as a play worked beautifully to get me in the right headspace to read this. Total and complete awesomesauce.
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Today was pretty chill, drove down to spend most of the day with J's fam, but stopped by at my mom's on the way home and ended up having dinner with her and my aunt. It was nice although I am stuffed full of way too much rich foods. Tomorrow shall bring much simpler eats.

Mostly I am here to post about my Yuletide gift. I have to say, I have never been the least bit disappointed in a story I've received in the exchange. I rarely am in any exchange as I tend to focus more on the giving than the getting, but the quality of writing I typically come across in Yuletide is always such a treat, and year after year I've gotten amazing things in my most tiniest of fandoms. This year, I got a Royal Tenenbaums Richie/Margot/Eli fic as a gift and I am just bursting with love for it. Whomever wrote it for me managed to get everything I love about the film into the story, and did far more than just utterly satisfy the shipper in me. The character insights and little hints at the world beyond that of simply Richie, Margot, and Eli has been coming back to me in bits and pieces all day long.

If you wander here, mystery author, thank you again. ♥

p.s. Worked on some doodles yesterday, but ended up not finishing any of them due to Yuletide Madness. I'll finish off the ones that I started as there was another small handful, more than I expected to do in the span of a few hours anyway! Thank you all for being generous enough to ask for things on behalf of others. I'm going to keep the list handy in case I find myself in need of inspiration between bigger projects in the weeks to come. :D
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So here's my belated Trek post. I saw Star Trek on Friday afternoon its opening weekend. I was blown away. They did such an amazing job, and especially to treat the reboot as they did where it just opens up so much potential...I am excited.

Blather and shipping and all the spoilery stuff... )

...in other news, if it's true that the guy who played George Kirk is going to be Thor, I am a little flaily. Crossovers! Yespls.

I just read this Cillian Murphy/Ruth Negga fic by [personal profile] jackandahat on [community profile] chromatic_fanfic and it is smoking hot. Breakfast on Pluto RPF skirtporn is win. There is another one, with pegging, which I've tabbed open for later. slfkjs.
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In further procrastination this morning and upon seeing someone voice a "where is all the hot Logan/Remy?" I dug up the links to my favourite fics.

I rec'd these on my LJ years ago, and am relieved to find working links for them! The accented dialogue of Remy's speech frequently is reproduced as it was in the comics, so if that's a peeve of yours go in forewarned. Somewhere out there is a Logan/Remy danger room fic that was also panty-melting. I'll see if I can track down.

Logan's Experiment by O. This is and always probably will be my favourite Logan/Remy story. It has a beautiful lyrical quality to the prose. The first time I read it, it took me a few paragraphs to get into the flow, but after that initial hurdle it's always been a fluid read. This one also brings in those few hints of Remy's telepathy.

"Left y'here for the clean-up crew, eh?" Logan murmured, appreciating the drape of outstretched body, long and spare, the lift of deep ribs hollowing out a hard narrow belly like a young hunting hound.

Games by Cheyenne Dancer. There are certain tropes that I don't see very often anymore, but maybe I'm just reading in the wrong places. This, however, is one of my favourite sex club fics ever.

He could worry about why Logan had shown up here, tonight, later... after he had given him the slip. Remy felt the heat traveling up his face, started to say something and then changed his mind. He could play Logan's game. It might even be fun. He was sure the X-man was all bluff. And bluffing was Gambit's game.

The Rough, The Smooth, & The Inbetween by Glamour Ghoul. This one's a Logan/Jean/Remy with an established Logan/Jean adding Remy to pot and it is smoking hot. If you like doubleteaming hetporn with a light sprinkling of slash, this fic is for you.

Her mind raced backward several days, to a quiet afternoon when she and Betsy had made tea and pondered what Logan and Remy could possibly be discussing with such seriousness. Now, without using even the tiniest bit of her power, she was absolutely sure what it was.


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