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J and I went on a week long road trip that took us up through Oregon and throughout Washington. Better still we had a [personal profile] blue_soaring along for the ride for half of it! Despite camping half the time, we still managed to see the season finale of The Following, and I also caught the newest SPN which prompted me to actually get my ass caught up on the show. It was a really lovely vacation despite the surprise!wind that cut our time in eastern Washington short. I managed to post a few photos from the road on Tumblr/Twitter, but I'm hoping to assemble it all into a proper entry tomorrow evening and recount all the things we saw and did.

It was fun using the books my company publishes to plan our trip, and we made it home again late Friday, so I've had the weekend to recover. We did help my work bestie move into her new apartment this afternoon, which despite always being The Friends With the Truck, it was nice to get out of the house after spending a lot of the day sorting and cleaning up various vacation detritus.

I feel nicely rejuvenated, and ready to tackle finishing up the Big Project I took off right in the middle of. I found out that there's been a bit of a shake-up in the greater department while I was gone, and I'm curious to see what the climate will be like tomorrow. More on that under lock later probably. I also managed to kick start my drawing and work on my commissions today, and also got over a minor hurdle in a couple WIP fics I had, so I'm feeling ready to tackle the creative projects of my own I have floating around. Good times.

The most important thing during my vacation: Iron Man 3.

Not really spoilery, just a reaction shot. )
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Rode my bike over to the Claremont branch of the library to meet up with someone to play Magic. It was nice, although poor timing on our part since we only got in one game before the meeting room was needed for an event. We spent the rest of our allotted time chatting and getting to know each other a little better out front though, so I'm looking forward to meeting up again in a couple weeks for a proper set of games.

It is flipping hot today, and our apartment is on the west side of the building so gets oodles of sun. It's like we still have an attic room with how warm this place can get. Called J and talked him into riding back to downtown and catching a movie.

I was so uncertain going in to see the A-Team. I'm still not entirely certain how I feel. I think I was more entertained than I had been seeing Robin Hood, but that could be because explosions are awesome and I still have an incredibly dumb girly crush on Mr. Templeton Peck.

I feel good about the 7 or so miles of biking, even if my legs are probably going to be super achey tomorrow. I really need to fill my tires though (or better yet replace them entirely so my bike is hybridized). Low air made the ride about twice as hard as it needed to be.
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I feel as if I want to write an entry that is more than just random bulletpoints or general flailing over how work is very busy and overtime is cool and all except I come home after the gym and have zero energy to do anything but spamwatch episodes of Lost. On the upside, work is crazy but fulfilling, I still love my new gym (Trainer Matt, henceforth to be known as Mr. Arms is kicking my back-in-a-desk-job ass) and J and I are burning through those episodes at a nice clip. Despite occasional forays into Red Dead Redemption, the Xbox has pretty much become the Netflix machine.

Netflix also continues to give us hilarious suggestions based on our viewing preferences. I'm not sure what amuses me more, things like "visually striking mind-bending romantic movies" or that because we've been watching so much Lost, Netflix suggests it in a category of "like G-force". G-force, btw, was a terrible movie. The things J and I do to pay attention to the industry. At least it had a few cute bits of adorable small fuzzy animalness.

I shall strive to post something of more substance tomorrow and try not to use excessive cut tags just to have fun with the little arrow. But oh man, how awesome does it make checking out the ships I'm interested in on the white collar fandom newsletter. So very. So. Very.

Also tomorrow I am going to Not Have To Drive Yay and bike over to the far branch of the library where I shall draw and play Magic. I look forward to this.
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I missed a work deadline earlier this week on top of completely not understanding what it is the client was asking for. Got that sorted out the next day, but am still slightly irritated at myself. And I just clued in on that I missed a fannish deadline this week too. Gah. (The lovely mods just gave me an extension though, yay!) My sense of time has been completely fucked lately. I think it's a combination of adjusting to my new schedule coupled with this stupid cold that has decided to live almost entirely in my sinuses to the point where wearing featherlight glasses is painful. It's been a week and a half and it's going away, thankfully, but I'm still catching myself with moments of complete bzuh.

Going in to my second week of classes, I'm wondering just how much free time I'll have with the amount of homework I'm looking at. I was hoping to sail through my online English class, but the instructor is actually good at structuring the discussions and putting up interesting materials (if on infuriating subjects), so that's taking up more time than any online class I'd taken previously. I am equal parts boo and yay about this. All three of my on-campus classes are project intensive, although I'm very, very happy to be nailing down what I need to model early on and not floundering around like I was last semester.

Driving down to my mom's today and visiting folks, which is cutting out almost a full day of homework, but is necessary on a few levels. I'm hoping I'll be able to get the online stuff out of the way while I'm down there though, and this weekend I'm not on opening shift anymore so when I get home from work I shouldn't be quite as exhausted as usual.
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Celebrated finishing up my six day work week and that J can now eat solid food by going to Pyramid Alehouse for dinner. I got their seasonal IPA Grifter. It was awesome. So awesome it has taken me forever to weed out all my typos.

As soon as I sober up, I have a last minute design gig to revise. Oi.
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So despite working desk and technically not needing to be in the office until 9-10, I was up extra early to take J to his ridiculously early appointment at the oral surgeon. He was training a new morning baker, so I ended up putting together a fruit platter for a morning catering. I was proud of myself, as I managed to make it look very pretty and kaleidoscopic. After that was all taken care of, I drove J in, and was able to arrange to pay half the bill now and half at the beginning of next month (whew!) and headed back to my concrete box.

He texted me when he was all done, and it went really fast. Tim was nice enough to pick him up and take him to the pharmacy. J's doing well and healing up from his crazy bone graft. The dental literature tells me that the bone can come from several sources, and if you choose not to use chunks of your own bone, it can come from a cadaver. Exciting! After his jaw heals in a few months he'll be getting a titanium implant. Step one towards turning J into a zombie robot is complete.

In other news, while I was trying not to go crazy working on a design gig, I decided to put my restless energy to good use and threw together some poster comps for [personal profile] blue_soaring's latest fics. I love poster design. They're my favourite gigs to do. :3 Typically I get ultra inspired by the typography on a lot of the promo posters for bands I like, and my typography geek is in fine form these days.

Blue posted em over on her journal, so you can see them in this post. Worksafe imagery, but some fic quotes used in the designs.

I want to do more! :3
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I hadn't been sleeping well lately and finally came to the realisation that it was temperature related. I have this lovely comforter from Ikea that's perfect for the chill of winter, but as soon as that chill is gone it's just too warm. Usually I just pile it up next to me like a body pillow and to keep me from flailing into the wall in the middle of the night, but recently had been using it by itself rather than the pile of flannel sheets and blankets that J prefers. For the last two nights I swapped to just a plain sheet and the one flannel sheet and that's been perfect and I've slept nice and deeply. I feel so much more rested!

Enough so that I woke up before six without any problems to go in to work early today to finish off J's bake shift. He's down in San Jose right now for a deposition. Someone is suing someone else in the huge foggy night pile-up J had been involved in a couple years ago and so he's talking to the prior someone's lawyer. I treated myself to breakfast since it was so early and had a really lovely walk afterwards. The temperature outside is perfect this morning, overcast and cool without a breeze to tip it over to cold.

Coming home I stopped at the bottom of our steps to weed the little patch of the front garden that I was first planning to put some flowers in it (turns out our landlord doesn't mind if we add flowers to the other side of the front yard that's in front of the vacant unit's door). I ended up sitting out there listening to music and weeding for over half an hour, and in the process discovered an iris plant that was nearly choked to death by weeds and shed leaves. There's one bloomed flower on it and another shoot with a bud. I'm terribly excited. I love irises.
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Internet hooked up on Sunday, or so they say. I'm going crazy. This post will be much shorter than I'd like since I need to run home and get some sleep.

On the upside of having no internet, it meant I could put a bit more time into some art which I've finally managed to send off. Nearly everything is put away in our room and our desk set up is awesome. I will definitely put up those pictures when I can, too. The new setup means I can really utilise my Cintiq to the fullest too. Yay. I've also gotten to watch a few things, and I am SO TORN over the new FMA. I'm not sure I can do it and get my heart stomped to pieces all over again. I did end up rereading a bunch of fics I'd saved on my computer though and that was lovely.

Also lovely: we had rain today. That took me by surprise. It was nice and cosy in the cafe and we did a nice steady stream of business to keep me on my toes.

Two more weeks to finish my modeling. This is nowhere near enough time. I'll have a lot of things to work on over the summer. Staying at part-time though will help me actually get through my big fat to-do list of projects.

Back soon, one hopes.

99% moved!

Apr. 25th, 2009 07:41 pm
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In real life, that is. Address up in a locked post in a few, although if anyone I know out there who isn't on IJ or my flist needs my address just hit me with an email. I'm vowing to write more letters this year, because I miss that style of correspondence rather desperately.

There are boxes everywhere, and with both J and I having to work tomorrow also means that those boxes are going to stay there for a bit longer than our initial move to Berkeley where we'd unpacked the first night. It'll be a relief to get everything sorted and tucked away so we can properly enjoy our new space. :D

Comcast is full of stupid per usual and so it looks like the house won't have internet for at least a week and more likely two. Not that I'd been particularly chatty, but expect lag as I'll be using the connection at school and work until things are all set up.

Oh, and hopefully I'll score a fan market spot for Y-con. I know a chunk of people aren't going to make it, but J and I will be there for those of you who are. ^_^

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