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So over this weekend I participated in a Jaegercon meetup in SF which drew almost 50 people. I met some pretty amazing folks there, and it was such a great spread of fannish energy and interests. It was fantastic, though I bowed out fairly early since I'd been up early. I was pretty proud that I managed some halfway decent closet cosplay with zero preparation time. On Sunday I met up with [personal profile] mrkinch and we took the train for a visit with a much smaller and intimate group which was amazingly lovely and A++ company.

Today my former boss offered me a senior position at the company he now works for. It's really tempting and also not. I loved working for him and with a supportive owner we make an unstoppable team. The starting pay is very generous, and I've been thinking about it all day, but I'm probably going to decline. I would be a lot more tempted if I didn't get along so well with my (soon to be growing!) team and if I hadn't just accepted a promotion on Friday. I like both industries quite a lot, but the main things are that I don't think I'm ready again to shoulder the sort of demands that a top position at a smaller company requires, and the changes I /can/ and have influenced in the way my company approaches their web properties is pretty huge and can potentially shift the way our greater publisher network does things in a very positive way.
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Today J and I drove down to NorCal Ren Faire in the morning and then back up to the city for the Alternative Press Expo in the afternoon.

Between the two I am so completely broke now. At the Faire I bought J a fancy new tankard, and I got myself some handmade soaps, various trinkets, and a fashionable new derby hat. I didn't pick up much in the way of comics at APE, just the one book our friend put out, but I got an armful of awesome prints to put up in my cube, and as it is starting to get chill in the mornings, I also procured elbow length Tardis gloves from the same girl who knit my Punisher gloves, and from a different vendor I picked up an adorable knit Dalek hat that is super soft. I think I'll have to contact both the crafters and get myself a knit Captain America hat and then some Iron Man gloves to go with so that I can mix up my geeky wardrobe a bit more.

I wish I'd managed an outfit for the morning, but I was in fine form for the bawdy wordplay as a mundane and slid right back into it even though I hadn't been to a Faire for over 10 years. I also spotted an Eleventh Doctor which was fun. They were well across the way though otherwise I would've asked for a photo. :3

Tomorrow I work an event for my old job and thankfully that's only about an hour or so in the morning so I can come home and finish the art I'm too wiped to work on tonight!

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