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My VFX class is officially done with and I got my critique last night. I did a lot better than I thought I did, which was nice considering all the hurdles along the way. I have my follow-up appointment on Friday for my hand where presumably I will no longer need to wear a splint and get to move on to the physical therapy portion of this ordeal. There's hardly any pain now, thankfully, which means drawing (in photoshop) and gaming is something I can do for longer than just a few minutes at a time. I'm also hopeful this means I can actually work my sewing machine again, as all my costume bits are sitting there just waiting to be assembled.

Work got a bit busy quicker than I expected. Sales conference and then BEA is coming up, so getting all the marketing material ready for that falls on my department. We're thankfully ahead of schedule, so while it's a little stressful in the sense that there are hard, inescapable print deadlines, our end of things is in very good shape.

Summer road trip plans are tightening up, and both J and I have had our requests for time off approved. I'm excited between the road trip and Wincon to actually do two things this year. Hopefully next year we'll be able to plan for an international destination.
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This is the last weekend for me to final this project and then I can be done with this VFX class.

Did I work studiously all day? Ha. Did I lay in bed and watch the second half of S2 TWD instead? Yes. I hope the anon who prodded me a few weeks back is happy. :p I have to say I'm glad I fell behind and didn't have to wait for new episodes to get through the season. Also thank god I've already watched pretty much everything in Norman's filmography, it's refreshing to pick up old flames and not have to make bad film choices for the actors I'm currently crushing on!

..and then some tl;dr about Oz: The Great and Powerful which failed so hard on every level besides sparking endless complaining and discussion about its MANY problematic aspects today. )
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Comparative essay between the Dutch golden age and Realists has been signed, sealed, and delivered!



Although I don't get a properly free weekend until oh... January, since I am having to go in to work briefly tomorrow morning, and then next weekend is obligatory holiday time with J's fam. And also probably I will be taking a couple city college classes come spring to give us some extra buffer time with the student loans until J finds work, but still, really. I WILL HAVE ACTUAL WEEKENDS AGAIN, THIS IS SO NOVEL.
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I could, in theory, finish my design final this weekend and be done with this class. Unfortunately I have to design and paint a mandala, which some people may find simple but I find the artistic equivalent of torture.

I just don't think easily in terms of radial symmetry and interlocking design and all that jazz. I'm trying to come up with fannish designs but struggling even with those. It's frustratingly difficult considering that I know that it's not really all that hard and yet...

p.s. I have emails and a couple messages piled up that need responding to. I have set aside time for this tomorrow. If you've sent me something in the past like month or two (or heck, more) and have been awaiting on a reply and if you don't hear back from me by Monday? Please poke me again, as it's likely I've missed it.
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12+ hours of painting and bitching and I finished my midterm. I should've used frisket and I had no idea how much I could deviate from the assignment criteria so there are things that bother me, but hey, it is done and once it is graded I can fix the things that I don't like.

I avoided taking this class a second time until now since my original class credit from 10 years ago didn't transfer. This would normally be a first year class, and in case you were wondering, one of the first things they teach you at art school is essentially how to trace and how to paint by numbers. I imagine that the real goal of this project is to learn how to mix paint like a boss. Which I have succeeded at. Hell yea.

Inceptionish - Tom Hardy - If you can dream it. )
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I feel quite boring lately. Work is less overwhelmingly busy, but even though the pace of my days is much slower the projects I'm in charge of are equally taxing mentally. Will probably start granting blanket access soon so I can just share in general about all the cool things I'm doing with bees. I'm sure the two online classes I'm taking probably aren't helping my energy level much. At least I get to paint that portrait of Tom Hardy this weekend?

Besides being so tired that I am frequently asleep at a ridiculously early hour (I don't even know why I'm still up...), I am doing yoga again. I've definitely lost flexibility since my last go around, but the strength gain is quite noticeable. I am also feeling very antsy lately in regards to creative things and I think I am learning how to appreciate and enjoy the things I draw, or at least view them somewhat more objectively and not getting obsessively hung up on all the flaws that most people don't notice and/or care about. It's interesting anyway.

Rambly entry makes it obvious I am sleepy. Time to make the husband watch an episode of SGA with me as I fall asleep...which usually involves me requiring a recap of 75% of the previous night's episode. Good times.
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J has hitched a ride to the city to attend APE while I sit at home in my loud yellow Hello Kitty PJ pants thinking about how I should totally be doing my homework or getting shit ready for Y-con.

My midterm is to paint a portrait in complementary colours with some sort of transparent design element superimposed. I think I only manage to make it through these things via doing fan art. Since I painted David Tennant for my last assignment, I figured I'd paint Tom Hardy this time around and do something Inception-y. Got all the planning done including the temperature shift, but it's the sitting down and mixing the paint and actually /painting/ the two rough drafts that I'm procrastinating on. Traditional media is so SLOW. Especially the part where I have to clean my brushes.

I hope J buys me something.
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Worked an event in Monterey and so spent about 7 hours on my feet doing non-stop talking. I am So Tired. Stopped at my mom's to say hi and decided to just stay the night rather than drive all the way back to Berkeley. I have driven more this week than in all of 08 and 09 combined. I wish I were exaggerating. x_x

The event went fabulously. The boys at the coffee booth in the corner were quite fetching and I talked them into giving me a pound of beans. \o/ I also got former co-worker to work the event with me and she rocked per usual. She's much better at aggressive sales than I am, so that was extra helpful; she drew them in, and I got to do the conversational part.

The really exciting thing though is that I AM DONE WITH THE SEMESTER OMG. I turned in my short story this morning before I came down here and fweeeee. That I can spend a good chunk of tomorrow cleaning the apartment doesn't seem like it should be exciting, and yet I'll be glad to sort through and get rid of all the miscellany that we apparently waited until the last minute to move over. Also haircut, omg haircut. Want. Need.

Justin also moved the small computer desk into the bedroom and it's in a perfect spot for me to put the sewing machine on! I need a chair or small stool for it, but I'm prepped to start up all my cosplay projects that have been on hold. Fun times ahead!

Is it time for [community profile] kink_bingo yet?
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Had fun times today with the online course modules Not Loading. After much swearing I have managed somehow to participate in the crappy discussion posts for all my classes and also submitted something resembling feedback for the other people in my writing group. Considering how much I loathe my classes this semester, I'm trying very hard not to bitch about it 24/7. I'm also trying very hard not to think about how I have a midterm in two days and feel completely unprepared for it. But one more semester of art history and that stupid color and design class that I've been avoiding and I'll be dooone.

The rest of today is devoted to packing (t minus one week, omgwtfbbq), and finishing an illustration (drawing by hand even, shock), and willing this perpetual sinus headache away.

Oh, and being just a little bit fangirly that Mark Valley and JEH are going to be at the Human Target panel at Wondercon on SUNDAY, which means they will be there on the ONLY DAY THAT I CAN GO OMG. <3333 Sunday suddenly is not just for last minute artist alley deals! WEE.
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Guess who is done with finals, omfg.

Tomorrow I am going to celebrate by doing laundry. Which doesn't seem exciting, but I am down to the Clothes I Never Wear. Which is also a good indication of what needs to go in the donate pile.

ALSO I AM GOING TO DRAW. My god, am I going to draw. Later when I am a little less DONESQUEE, I will post some shots of my projects. I am pretty damn happy with them.
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I'm ridiculously behind on my lighting final. I'd been struggling with a specific hurdle, and I got past that this last weekend, but since I was working so hard on figuring out wtf my problem was in only that one area, I'm now behind on all the other parts. Oops. I console myself with the fact that it's not part of my major, I just wanted to know how to do it and now I do, so I'm good so long as I pass.

My modeling finals, while running into a few issues that are mostly hardware related are going fairly peachy. I'm not going to get them as polished as I'd like, but considering that I was spreading my time between four classes and work, I'm pretty damn happy with what I've come up with.

Wednesday... zomg. Wednesday and I'll be done for six weeks with mostly online classes in the upcoming semester. I might be working full time, but omg that I can handle. This semester has been one long steady crush of too much to freaking do. I'm mostly caught up on all my CSI TV at least (we shall not speak of SPN). J and I are one episode of Fringe behind, but we might be able to sit down for that tonight.

And now I have sipped at my tea and my fingers are warm and I should get back to rendering. Cue flaily arms.
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We went down to Salinas to J's sister's new place, and holy crap is it huge. It's got a nifty layout, and infinitely more space than their old house. We hadn't seen Natalie since before she was walking so it took a while for her to stop giving J and I the suspicious eye, but by the end of the night it was lots of carry-me arms, and where Sophie is usually all about her Uncle J, somehow this time I ended up with her hanging on me more often than not. I suspect it was that I was wearing a pink shirt so that boosted my coolness rating. It's interesting to see the ways her personality has changed now that she's a big sister. Sometimes I wish we lived a bit closer in order to visit more often.

Anyway, we hung out, ate food, played with dolls, tried to devise a plan to steal their adorable pug, and at the end of the evening I got the bonus of belated b-day gifts. See subject. I have also increased my fuzzy scarf collection by one, so I should probably put out some of the ones I don't wear often out onto the curb.

The drive was nice, and J and I talked a lot about the ways in which we'd like to focus on our projects for school and general creative things. I'm back to having a solid idea of where to go with my current assignments so I'm feeling very rejuvenated about them. Which is good, as I need to be doubly-focused this weekend, since I didn't actually get any extra days off, and the lab is closed tomorrow which is typically my dedicated time to go in and work all day on my homework!


Nov. 10th, 2009 10:06 am
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I feel like in the span of a week I've fallen behind on my projects. Luckily I have today, Thursday, and Friday to catch up. Discovered at an inopportune moment that I can't work on my lighting scene at home though, so today has been reserved for slaving away in Zbrush.

Am feeling very antsy about wanting to draw and in general be able to work on creative projects. Adding lighting to my skillset has been awesome, as for the first time I feel really excited about doing more 3d projects on my own time. I love modeling, but being able to light my models well and surface them properly bumps it up to actually being /fun/.
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I have absolutely nothing to chatter about.

Concept art for my character sculpt... )

Been wanting to play things, but ogame is about all I have time for. It's nice being able to queue up things and then just sit back and wait as my empire grows stronger.
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I have a creature design and modeling class this semester. Our first assignment followed standard procedure and had us doing a bunch of thumbnails. I did about 50 thumbnail sketches in silhouette form last week and tried to stray from humanoid since that's something I tend to draw naturally. We narrowed down our silhouettes in class to two and so my homework was to take those and further develop them. I went the concept art route as it was the easiest way for me to come up with features. Creatures aren't something I find at all comfortable to work on, especially since I tend to like horror/grotesque art over fantasy/alien so I really had to push myself here. Ended up doing one humanoid figure since that was one of the thumbnails my teacher suggested, but I'm far more likely to do one of the others. Tomorrow in class, I'll pick finals and then need to draw up the underlying muscle structure and properly narrow down skin/surface type and all that fun stuff. I wish I had started actually painting before this afternoon, but once I know which creature I'll be modeling, I can go in and do something more detailed.

Creature Design concept sketches )
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I missed a work deadline earlier this week on top of completely not understanding what it is the client was asking for. Got that sorted out the next day, but am still slightly irritated at myself. And I just clued in on that I missed a fannish deadline this week too. Gah. (The lovely mods just gave me an extension though, yay!) My sense of time has been completely fucked lately. I think it's a combination of adjusting to my new schedule coupled with this stupid cold that has decided to live almost entirely in my sinuses to the point where wearing featherlight glasses is painful. It's been a week and a half and it's going away, thankfully, but I'm still catching myself with moments of complete bzuh.

Going in to my second week of classes, I'm wondering just how much free time I'll have with the amount of homework I'm looking at. I was hoping to sail through my online English class, but the instructor is actually good at structuring the discussions and putting up interesting materials (if on infuriating subjects), so that's taking up more time than any online class I'd taken previously. I am equal parts boo and yay about this. All three of my on-campus classes are project intensive, although I'm very, very happy to be nailing down what I need to model early on and not floundering around like I was last semester.

Driving down to my mom's today and visiting folks, which is cutting out almost a full day of homework, but is necessary on a few levels. I'm hoping I'll be able to get the online stuff out of the way while I'm down there though, and this weekend I'm not on opening shift anymore so when I get home from work I shouldn't be quite as exhausted as usual.
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- My classes are awesome this semester. All of them except english. I took the same exact class two years ago, only when my credit transferred in, it did so for the prereq. Thanks, AAU, for fucking over my transfer credits in as many ways as possible.

- I have a cold. Hopefully this won't be a repeat of the billion day cough of the cold I had last year.

- Did I mention my classes are awesome? I get to sculpt a maquette! And need to buy a few artbooks I've been wanting for ages but hadn't gotten around to. Yay for fun required texts.

Fun thing of note:

- There is a Watchmen Kink Meme running on Dreamwidth. Even if I haven't played on one of these for ages, I encourage prompts as I am /so/ wanting to doodle.


May. 13th, 2009 07:42 pm
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Mostly free anyway. I need to go in tomorrow to get my anatomical sculpture graded and take it home, but am otherwise done with this semester.

School chatter and shots of my most recent 3d character/environment sculpt )

Now I plan to laze around for a few hours and then crash since I have to go to work early tomorrow and bake muffins for the Bike to Work Day energizer station at the North Berkeley BART. Extra hours /and/ feeding Bike to Work'ers, I count this as totally worth it.

Tomorrow is J's last class. Based on whether or not he needs to pull an all nighter tonight, I think the plan is pick up my sculpture, meet up at the Powell building, and then go next door for end of semester margaritas and nachos.
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As the subject line states, my final is due monday. I also work Sat/Sun. Which means essentially today and tomorrow should be my crunch days.

Am I diligently making new assets in Maya or polishing up my main character in Zbrush?


I'm staring at this:

wolvie and sabretooth ...fervently so. I paused only long enough to make an icon from it so that I could continue to stare in 100x100 form while I typed up this entry.

I should probably just write the porn to get it out of my head in the hopes that then I'll be able to focus on, well, anything else. But two pieces of fanart in a row doesn't give me any hope that will work. I can't even write for IJ's porn_battle because I'm still so sldfkjgl and fear that a drabble will turn into something all-consuming.

On the upside, something that makes me feel productive: Snarry Games.

I donated the art for the banners this time around. The graphics team did such a lovely job with the pics, and I'm so pleased to see people praising them in the comments! I'll post the full-sized images after I've managed to push a few vertices around or at the very least open my project.

There is also a friending meme going on over at [community profile] marvel_fanworks which I have tossed my name into but still need to sift through. I'm mostly subscribing to folks as the only thing locked here is contact info, but I've also given access to people who had it previously on IJ (or LJ), please, please don't feel obligated to give me access in return, as I have zero hangups over it!

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