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2013-08-20 08:12 pm
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Teen Wolf idek.

My thoughts on the teen wolf finale: what did I just watch; Scott you remain the best ever; Peter=lol forever; I should probably read fic.

I have to say I’m pretty glad I spoil myself for this show because I’m not sure I could manage the various levels of wtf if I didn’t. I still fail to care at all about Peter. My love for Scott just grows and grows though.

On the RL end of things, work is going well. I got thrust in rather abruptly to handle one of the pieces of my new position that I had zero experience in, but despite needing to figure out and wrangle some answers for in-house processes, it was easier and more intuitive than I expected. It's exciting to learn new stuff. I was also on a call with our outside SEO dude and confirmed that everything I'd put in place since the relaunch was spot on, which means he can advise on outside strategy and do the legwork for all that and that leaves me free to continue with migration efforts.

Reminder that my department is hiring. We'll be accepting resumes through the end of this week, so if you know anyone who might be interested, please encourage them to apply!
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2013-08-15 09:12 am
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FT Job Opening - Work with me!

Marketing Associate - Design & Production

tl;dr version: Are we drift compatible? I want to work with someone who understands my fannishness at the bone-deep level. (Also my cubemate is watching Doctor Who right now and Buffy and loves True Blood and Game of Thrones, so we’ve got the corner on geek interests in this building.)

My department is hiring! If you know someone who loves books and has basic design skills (ability to make gifs or float cute text on images totally qualifies but inDesign is especially helpful) point them to the above. The position is in Berkeley for a publishing company with multiple imprints—travel, academic, feminist—so focus of work would cover a range.

My company has pretty solid benefits/PTO (plus the industry perk of summer Fridays in which you work only half the day on Friday during the summer but get paid for the full day), and the work environment is very friendly to queer and trans folks.

We do hire outside of the area and have a relocation fund, so please don’t hesitate to promote this to folks outside of the Bay Area. If you have any questions about the company or the position just ask, I’ll answer as best I can. I’m not free to discuss salary, but if you’re not saddled with ridiculous student loan debt like I am, you can live with a roommate in a decent neighborhood (probably even in walking distance) on the amount this position is likely to pay.

If you or someone you know would like to apply, you can use the craigslist post above, or ask me for my pro email and I’m happy to forward your cover letter/resume to my boss.

Please do share this in the fannish community, there are so many talented folks out there! Also, if I didn't mention it, there are also free books. :)
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2013-08-13 08:24 pm
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Busiest Weekend in a Long Time

So over this weekend I participated in a Jaegercon meetup in SF which drew almost 50 people. I met some pretty amazing folks there, and it was such a great spread of fannish energy and interests. It was fantastic, though I bowed out fairly early since I'd been up early. I was pretty proud that I managed some halfway decent closet cosplay with zero preparation time. On Sunday I met up with [personal profile] mrkinch and we took the train for a visit with a much smaller and intimate group which was amazingly lovely and A++ company.

Today my former boss offered me a senior position at the company he now works for. It's really tempting and also not. I loved working for him and with a supportive owner we make an unstoppable team. The starting pay is very generous, and I've been thinking about it all day, but I'm probably going to decline. I would be a lot more tempted if I didn't get along so well with my (soon to be growing!) team and if I hadn't just accepted a promotion on Friday. I like both industries quite a lot, but the main things are that I don't think I'm ready again to shoulder the sort of demands that a top position at a smaller company requires, and the changes I /can/ and have influenced in the way my company approaches their web properties is pretty huge and can potentially shift the way our greater publisher network does things in a very positive way.
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2013-07-09 09:16 am
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Berkeley Publishing Internship

Any Bay Area folks interested or know someone interested in a summer publishing internship (web/marketing with some editorial)? It’s unpaid sadly, but super flex hours (16-24) and we also have a strong record of hiring from the intern pool. Hit me up for more info if you know anyone. :)

Read: I really want a fannish hivemind here. Just sayin'.
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2013-06-02 05:51 pm
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Today actually feels like weekend!

I've had a crazy couple of months. I still have every intention of posting about our road trip, but between that and last weekend in the Tahoe forest, most every ounce of my free time has been recovering from all the travel and also all the mental energy I've been using up at work.

I went to lunch with [personal profile] mrkinch on Friday, which was super lovely, and the perfect thing to force me out of the office and start my weekend. I'm on half-day Fridays now for the summer, but my department just relaunched our imprint's website. It was a pretty huge undertaking, and we essentially managed a complete overhaul and significant migration of content in a little over three weeks. I didn't sleep much this last week and ended up working a lot of overtime, but shockingly it wasn't really a stressful project. There's a lot more to do as far as migration and optimization in the weeks and months to come, but overall, it was a damn successful launch.

House-hunting for J and I is on a bit of a pause. My mom has finally gotten into a headspace to move and spoke with a realtor for a spot appraisal, so finding a property with an in-law or two homes on a single lot is back on the table. I went down to her place yesterday to help clean out the house and it went a hundred times better than I expected. We got one and a half rooms completely cleared, and now there's really only one more room and the garage that needs a ton of work to sort through. Because of the remodeling that she did a couple years ago, the main living and family rooms are essentially just bookshelves full of books and papers which will be easy to box up and/or shred. I'll probably end up going down every other weekend to continue helping clean and box things up, but aside from the loft in the garage which is going to need J's help, I think she and I can do the house ourselves, and then look at hiring someone to haul away everything that's in the barn and shed.

The week to come feels pretty excellent with no more mental space being taken up by managing such a large work project. With help from J, I also got around to modding my new bike helmet today, so that's one more thing off my plate!

I want a new bike now to match. In Iron Man colors. )
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2013-05-20 08:29 am
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Any vidders or freelance video editors want an easy gig?

My day job needs a quick turnaround (preferably end of this week) on a 1.5-2min project. Footage is pretty clean. It doesn't need a lot of cuts to edit together the scenes mostly just trimming the ends of the separate clips, but will require some minor sound/lighting adjustments, and a simple intro/outro with logos and credits. My team has a budget of around $300 negotiable.

If you're interested and have an example of your editing work (like a fanvid!) please message me or email me at kimi@foundcake.com. I need someone lined up by end of day Tuesday.

x-posted on Tumblr.
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2013-04-04 05:40 pm
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i never want to look at stock photos again

Work has gotten busy but also exciting this week. My department has gotten the go ahead to do some really awesome shit with the flagship website. It took a while for me to get everyone around me to learn to disengage from the existing framework and workflow, but finally everyone is able to conceptualize that the content doesn't need to fit into such rigid formats and that means fun times ahead. Given that a solid part of my job is SEO means that after launch I'll actually be able to do fun things like A/B landing pages and making our content more keyword friendly. We'll also have the ability to set up a proper editorial workflow too.

I've been burning through the base content migration this week and ended up ahead of schedule, which on the one hand was fabulous, since we might need to archive less at launch, but it also meant I did nothing but source and sort stock photo assets. After 8 hours of that I am fried.

Doing all the content migration though (and having just started doing some spring cleaning on our backup drive) is making me consider scheduling out an attempt to actually get the giant backlog of ancient artwork up on my personal site. Given that the way wordpress handles media now it's not as daunting as it was the last time I actually looked at doing that.

I've been playing a lot more Guild Wars 2 this week and over the weekend since I've been a bit too tired to really focus on anything creative. It's been fun, though I still don't quite like it as much as I like WoW, but I'm really disconnected on WoW since most of the folks I used to run with don't play anymore, and I still haven't settled onto the server that my coworker plays on. I wish I could pinpoint what I find less satisfying about GW2!
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2013-03-20 08:16 am
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shifting back towards manageable

My VFX class is officially done with and I got my critique last night. I did a lot better than I thought I did, which was nice considering all the hurdles along the way. I have my follow-up appointment on Friday for my hand where presumably I will no longer need to wear a splint and get to move on to the physical therapy portion of this ordeal. There's hardly any pain now, thankfully, which means drawing (in photoshop) and gaming is something I can do for longer than just a few minutes at a time. I'm also hopeful this means I can actually work my sewing machine again, as all my costume bits are sitting there just waiting to be assembled.

Work got a bit busy quicker than I expected. Sales conference and then BEA is coming up, so getting all the marketing material ready for that falls on my department. We're thankfully ahead of schedule, so while it's a little stressful in the sense that there are hard, inescapable print deadlines, our end of things is in very good shape.

Summer road trip plans are tightening up, and both J and I have had our requests for time off approved. I'm excited between the road trip and Wincon to actually do two things this year. Hopefully next year we'll be able to plan for an international destination.
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2012-11-12 08:51 pm

stuff i done did, also two free books

J and I went to see Skyfall on Saturday. I am so dead. I hadn't spoiled myself for anything, casting included, so I had no idea Naomie Harris was in it. Be still my heart. And all the Bond/M interaction just slayed me. So hard. I almost asked for that this year in Yuletide and now I'm regretting that I didn't. I hope someone else did though, since I'm guessing the majority of fic that will come out of Skyfall is likely to be of the Bond/Q variety.

Sunday at NWSA was good times. I snagged the Feminist Ryan Gosling poster from our booth and took it back to the office. It's now up on our wall and has become Feminist Publisher Ryan Gosling. Currently it says: "Hey Girl. You're right. The Oxford comma /is/ important." I love it.

I also snagged a couple extra copies of books that were left over. If anyone would like a copy of Virgie Tovar's new book Hot & Heavy (an amazing and varied collection of essays by fierce fat girls) or F'd Up (which is an accessible feminist primer aimed at teens and written by a teen), just let me know and I will mail them to you! I only have one of each, so first come first serve.

Tomorrow I think we're going to aim for seeing Wreck-It Ralph. By virtue of birthday wishes I could probably drag J out to see Skyfall again, but if I wait for the weekend, we can watch it again at the speakeasy without a huge crowd. :D
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2012-10-28 11:01 am
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short version: the publishing industry is interesting and also I like baking things and video games

I'm settling in to the new job nicely. Getting to know my co-workers better has been going at a nice pace, and so far everyone is absolutely lovely. As I've been adjusting to the change in schedule, I've also been re-learning how to cook meals more complicated than stir-fry. I do miss having customer interaction as part of my daily routine, but at the same time it's a welcome change. Building my wardrobe back out again is slower going, but I added some new key foundation pieces, and I'm looking forward to taking my bike out to do some thrifting around town after pay day.

I feel like I've been making a ton of changes that have been a long time coming, like I swapped out my iMac for my gaming laptop, and even if my Cintiq isn't an ideal main monitor, it's still very usable and I'm enjoying not needing to reboot to swap between drawing and playing stuff. It took a full day to get everything updated and patched, but I played a little Battlefield 3 for a first time in forever. Our internet connection is still not ideal, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to actually hop in to multiplayer anytime soon, or even brush the dust off my WoW account, though it's lag spikes now instead of random disconnects which may still make basic dungeon tanking a possibility. I can't seem to fully get into Guild Wars, but that could be primarily just that J's been preoccupied with homework assignments so I'm not getting the social satisfaction when I log in and poke at it solo.

Today I'm debating whether or not to sign up for a third holiday exchange, and also I may make cookies or pumpkin pie brownies. I may also perhaps watch some baseball and make new icons and chip away at needed correspondence. Good times.
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2012-10-04 06:56 pm
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I totally cried.

So my last day at work was today. For my farewell party, besides lunch, the kitchen staff baked a surprise cake that my customer care team had decorated. It had a GIRAFFE on it. SO CUTE. ;-; It was the sweetest and most adorable thing ever. For all the frustrating or stressful parts of my job, I really did love it, and saying goodbye completely made me cry. I'm not really all that accustomed to feeling all emotional over things, especially when I knew that I was going to be seeing almost everyone in just a couple weeks (I'm still on the volunteer roster for the farm's next event)! I just hope I manage to properly stay in touch with people in the long term.

Overall, the level of melancholy and excitement has fluctuated a lot for me this week. After I sent out my official moving on email I heard back from a ton of my customers and it's been really touching. I used to pin all my thank you notes on the wall and I brought them all home with me, but when I unpack and properly sort the Box of Desk Junk, I think the only note I may actually keep is the one from Nora Ephron--she was such an amazing person and even her basic correspondence was damn inspiring!

I'm fairly glad I'm not taking off a full week or anything before starting my new position. I'm already feeling a little stir crazy about having three days with zero outstanding issues to think ahead towards. Workaholic much?

For the rest of tonight...a tiny bit of design work, and then beer and tv.
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2012-09-11 09:16 pm
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How is it only Tuesday

Work this week is a serious chore. I fought hard to save one of my team member's jobs and get them transferred to a different position that's better suited to them instead of just let go and my thanks for this is a newly formed attitude problem. I am so irritated. I don't expect them to know I pulled their ass out of the fire, but I sure as hell expect them to recognize how close they are to not having a job and at least fake being professional about it. If I have to be bad cop again in tomorrow's performance reviews I'm going to strangle something. It's called probationary for a reason, omg. And then I came home and worked on this freelance gig I picked up for what has turned out to be a super picky client and I am just TIRED and it's only Tuesday. Blergh. I look forward to my check from Mr. Picky though since it's my goal to pay off my credit card by the end of the year.

So anyway, I stole this meme from [personal profile] elfin. I feel all quiet and hermit-like lately since most of my posts have been locked and all about other work related things, so ask me as many as you want and specify a fandom for questions like 2 or 19 if you're curious about something specific!

25 questions fandom meme )
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2012-08-01 07:31 pm
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highs and lows

Had a bit of an up and down day. Busy at work again with the ramp-up to our biggest selling product this month, and still trying to iron out performance issues on the team. Attention to detail, why so hard. D: Packaging test this week went better than I expected, so I am excited to do another test round and see if I really can reduce our non-degradable packaging material by another solid 30%.

Company/student BBQ for J's compnay on Sunday was pretty awesome. I had a great time and most importantly BBQ. Deliciousness. I helped with set up so my muscles were dead the next day from hauling bottles of water back and forth across the grass. We managed to get home not too late and then met up again with one of J's coworkers to see Batman. She had an adipose set as the background on her phone and we nerded out briefly together about Doctor Who. I enjoyed the movie, maybe not quite as much as TDK, but that could be my fangirl talking. I am extra in love with Gordon though, for reals so it might be time for another little Gary Oldman binge. :3 I'd like to see it again, I think, and also rewatch the other two so they're fresh in my mind.

I'm not quite ready to beg comment amnesty even though I still haven't responded to the comments on my last Snape/Harry fest piece, or the Avengers BB piece I did. I think I'm laboring under the assumption that time will magically reinsert itself into my schedule somehow!
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2012-07-05 06:18 pm
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This year, how so fast.

I still can't get over the fact that it's July already.

Work is fluctuating between being so busy I get easily exasperated and having exciting projects that keep me entertained and on my toes. I have my truck back for the time being, but I'll still need a new car if I end up staying put.

Last weekend J and I went hiking up on Mt Tam. It was gorgeous, and he took some absolutely beautiful photos. Check them out, they're seriously pretty! On our way back we hit up Food Truck Sunday and Three Twins in Larkspur. Delicious~~~ This weekend we'll probably be going out again somewhere, maybe up to Napa if J feels like driving that far. It was so misty when we went that under the tree canopy it was essentially raining so I didn't really get to do any trail running, so I'm hoping that I can get in at least a half mile run wherever we go this weekend.

On the fannish front I finished up a Superman/Batman I did for trade, though I won't be posting that until well after the fancomic's publish date. Poking slowly at my Artsy WIP folder and making progress on random things. I've also been plotting out my [community profile] kink_bingo card and have a few ideas already that seem promising. Here's to hoping I make a bingo this year!
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2012-01-30 06:31 pm
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home at a reasonable time, even

No more crazy holidays and no more crazy working on my department budget and I'm starting to feel like an actual human again. Despite some ridiculousness with the phone lines going down, work has been good. I'm officially set to have all of next week OFF, which turns out to coincide with Porn Battle XIII. After my vacation time, I get to come back to reduced hours which is so awesome! I can't wait. I've been hoping to get on a schedule like this, with reduced hours in the off-season, and then back to full-time when spring/summer comes around. I'm very much looking forward to only commuting three times a week and using the extra two days for art projects! EXCITEMENT.

Now I am going to tidy the kitchen and make myself some dinner, screw around for a bit with video games, and maybe laze around for the rest of the evening in front of the TV with my laptop and consider doing that WIP meme that's floating around.
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2011-10-21 05:14 pm
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fuck yeah celebration

J got the job he's been trying for! It's for a great company, doing something in his field that's more on the education end (versus actually animating) so I know he's going to love it. He'll have time to pursue his own projects and painting on the side too. :D I'm so excited.

Since he pulled in some nice checks this month from freelance gigs, the ridiculous injection of money into the economy begins shortly. Firstly, new clothes so he looks presentable and maybe some goodies to decorate his cube. Then new phones for the both of us. Then my tattoo since I can finally conscience spending money on it. Then simultaneously paying off our student loans and saving for a proper trip somewhere. zomg wee!
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2011-06-02 07:52 pm
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QAing, the best part of my job

Work has been downright crazycakes lately. Too much to do and more projects than I can manage reasonably. The seasonal (and primary!) component of my job has ratcheted up and I have a lot of VIP clients who I personally take care of so all those zillion projects are having to take a back seat. On top of this we're on a trial period with FedEx instead of UPS as our primary provider. Things had smoothed out on the shipping end until this week when the weather really screwed with deliveries. One day delays due to thunderstorms because planes arrive in TN for FedEx instead of PA for UPS means we're off to a poor start. Fuf. I'm not really looking forward to tomorrow.

On the flip side I've been dealing with so much design and packaging and pointless meetings that I'd forgotten how much I love the customer end of my job. One of my clients sent me an absolutely lovely card today and another has told me to keep an eye out for a gift. I await the day that cars and diamonds start showing up as thanks for my awesome customer service. :p

I hope that this weekend I can do some serious drawing.
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2011-02-17 09:52 am
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So windy outside.

I'm recovering from a two week run of insomnia which has been less than fantastic. If I hit another patch again in the next two months it'll be time to look at my options.

I finished up one of the two illustration gigs I've been working on. The other I am still wrestling with. The lack of direction and feedback is seriously draining and at this point I need to say fuck it and try and stop caring about how shitty I think it looks and just get it done. Blah.

Here's a link to the one I did finish:

Pin-up art for Yaoi911

Doing artsy stuff at the day job right now. Did a t-shirt design and now I'm working on a vehicle wrap. It's fun but a little mentally exhausting.
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2011-02-02 03:54 pm
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Workin from home

I've been a little run down this week due to the cold going around at the office. I think I am managing to fight it off, or at least my boss and I didn't get it nearly so bad as our coworkers since mostly I feel like this is a few days worth of allergies making me feel dehydrated rather than any sense of being /sick/. Regardless, I'm so glad I can come home and cosy up in my much more comfy bungee chair to push this site live. Especially since doing this sort of thing at the office drives me nuts. I'm used to doing web and design work freelance, which means frequent getting up and wandering around and not just trying to mentally force it for a straight 8 hours.

Or, you know, following links to epic things like this with the sound up all the way:

dono demoreel 2011 from dono et frenchman on Vimeo.

...which will probably not be all that funny unless you are a 3D person, but I assure you, it is hilarious if you are. This is the best demo reel ever, and the only one I've ever seen where keeping the sound on is worth it. Bitchin'!

And for a complete lack of segue, it has come to my attention that with a little trim in the back, my hair is at the perfect length to cosplay Roy Mustang again.
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2011-01-12 06:30 pm
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art direction, so important omg

I've been working on two projects concurrently which I picked up at Y-con. One is going beautifully and I am quite happy with. The other I've put at least 20 hours into and am now looking at having to scrap 75% of that work and practically start over. Ugh. I'm determined to get this damn thing done and looking decent, but I doubt I'll be pleased with the result. Working at both of these at the same time is making it pretty clear to me how big of a difference good art direction and timely feedback makes on a project.

I otherwise feel fairly boring. I went and saw my boss' band play a gig this past weekend and that was pretty fantastic. I may end up doing posters for the band, which is always one of my fav things to do designwise. After 9 months of ant-free living outside of a few rainy day forays into the bathroom, we now have exploratory scout ants discovering tiny crumbs in our kitchen. We've scoured everything, so I'm hoping beyond hope they don't find enough to keep them interested and will go back whence they came as soon as the weather turns.

J and I feel prey like a good chunk of other people to the lure of the top hat and reinstated our WoW accounts. Been playing a tiny bit here and there, but definitely don't feel in any way addicted or obligated, so it's pretty enjoyable. Based on the tiny reindeer companion in his old inventory, it looks like we haven't played since 2005, which doesn't seem right somehow and yet is accurate.

Trying to wrestle with email now... Praying I don't drown in it.