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Bound and Determined inspired.

XMFC. Shaw/Erik. NSFW. Dubious consent, knifeplay, partner abuse, sadism, blood. Shaw is his own warning.

Crawling.... )
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This season is killing me in a not good way, but I made it through the second half of season 4 for Bobby, I can tough it out again for Crowley. I will say that it's at least putting me in an interesting headspace for going back and enjoying early fandom fics though.

Supernatural. Crowley/Castiel.

To fall so far and rise so high.... )

In addition to this pic, I've also contributed to two of the [community profile] snape_potter Big Bang fics! They're both teen Harry though, so you'd need to be a member to read and comment.

So far I am loving my new job. It's starting off slow task-wise, which is somewhat expected, but obviously all the free time is going to good use. :D
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So there's this AU fic on AO3 where Bobby is a History/Theology Professor and Crowley is a twink Marketing major, and I obviously have zero self control. I drew some gift art for it ostensibly to practice drawing manga style again, since let's face it, that would make for an awesome manga. Mostly though twink!Crowley. I couldn't stop trying to picture it. I should just give in and make myself a new SPN icon, since it's still not out of my system. Sam/Dean is up next time though, and possibly some Steve/Tony if the pic starts to cooperate properly.

Supernatural. Bobby/Crowley. For the fic Mixing Education with Pleasure by [archiveofourown.org profile] orionthe_hunter.

Fanart for Mixing Education with Pleasure by revolutionjack )
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I'm sure that I'll get off this Mark Sheppard kick eventually, but until then, I will take full advantage of the drawing mojo. I haven't drawn fanart gifts in a long time for fic, I feel somewhat dumb and nervous about it. Silly, I know. Ffff. My weekend is looking all kinds of busy and I'm hoping I can finish up some of the other WIPs that are giving me puppy eyes. I am so ready for work to slow down again. There was a film crew out today so the office was mostly empty and thank goodness since that meant I actually got caught up on things. SO TIRED OF PAPERWORK.

Leverage. Nathan Ford/Jim Sterling. For the fic Man With a Plan by [archiveofourown.org profile] ifreet, which is some utterly brilliant pre-canon fic.

Fanart for Man With a Plan by ifreet - NSFW )
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Because this is really what I wanted out of s7e01.

I think I have this out of my system now for the time being so I can actually draw OTHER THINGS. x_x Also I wasn't going to do another facial, but [personal profile] blue_soaring twisted my rubber arm.

Supernatural. Castiel/Crowley. Moar facials.

New Day, New Deal - NSFW )
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Shockingly despite it being QUITE WARM at 9 in the morning, there is a breeze and I'm not dying of heat. Instead, I have made arts. I have a dual boot iMac and typically run in OSX, but then I remembered that my WIN7 install actually has CS5 on it (versus CS3) and so now I am screwing around in it and it is SO DIFFERENT. I started just doing a quick and dirty practice piece using a screencap from Burn Notice and then ended up with this.

Supernatural. Castiel/Crowley. Chains?

Ye of Little Faith )

p.s. there is prompting going on over here
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Been wanting to draw this for a while now. :3 Worked a little too long on it I think, but since drawing time is limited I'm glad I got it out of my head anyway!

Supernatural. Castiel/Crowley. Facials.

Smile, Buttercup (NSFW) )
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Haha, I started this promptly for Kink Bingo when I first got my card. For the Obedience square, and also now for Amnesty because stupid Gabriel wouldn't cooperate with dirty filthy porn.

In the Rising Wind
Legion. Michael/Gabriel. 3k words. Wingporn. Angelcest. Submission.
The flame that raged in Gabriel would engulf them both. He raised his head high as it shone in his eyes, incandescent and cruel. Let Michael see so plainly what he would beg of his brother.

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After Loki hijacked my first image, here is the actual frost bondage I had intended to draw. Chains of Ice ftw. I feel now as if I should draw kinky K/T fanart for all my favorite DK skills. Thank yous and credit to the husband for doing the base painting. :D

Thassarian(/Koltira), not explicit but NSFW anyway. )
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So I started this for a Thassarian/Koltira pic and then Loki happened and I couldn't get a singleglove made from ice out of my head. I shall finish up the Death Knight porn later this week! :3

Thor/Loki, not explicit but NSFW anyway. )
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Started spending way too much time on this one so had to stop myself. Will probably polish this further since I like a lot of elements in it, but until then...

Thank you [livejournal.com profile] anime_gal22 for contributing to my toothfixing fund via:

Gundam Wing - Duo/Heero )
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Flitting between drawing the kiss commissions, doing my homework, and replying to email/comments today. Being pretty successful so far, yay!

Thank you, [personal profile] stormcloude for contributing to my toothfixing fund via:

Supernatural - Sam/Dean )
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I had the overwhelming urge to draw some Nightwing so finished this up recently.

Batman - Bruce/Dick - Mortar )
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Only two-ish more weeks of the mind-numbing liberal arts classes that I hate and then I can focus more of my spare time back to artsy crafty funstuff. Which holy crap do I need to. I have so many things to finish it's not even funny. No more artwork commitments until my slate is entirely clean, and even then maybe not.

Late last night I made a cake. It was pretty damn good, but I used too much liquor and I like the sponge cake recipe I used last time more than this one. Next time when I adjust my recipe and it comes out awesome I am going to decorate it lovingly and call it the F-You Cakeshop cake. Pictures when I do. :D

Tonight my spare time is devoted to going to see a movie. Will hopefully report back in a few hours with squee.

So~o huge foofy beards are hard to draw. This one's staying a sketch. Am trying to make more use of my art:unfinished tag so all this crap doesn't just linger and die a lonely death in my drive's scrapped folder.

HTTYD - Stoick/Gobber - smooches zomg )
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And hopefully after this I have gotten Daken out of my system for the moment and can focus on other things which need finishing!

Marvel. Daken/Venom. NC-17. Tentacles. Size difference. Xeno.

Marvel - Daken/Venom - Asking For It - NSFW )

ETA: So another user on y! has told me Venom always gets people flagged because he apparently requires the anthro tag. I may have just died. I really hope that's not true and it's actually the Sci-Fi tag I missed. Alien symbiote ≠ Furry. XDDDDD
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I expect no one to remember that I took prompts months upon months ago and none of them wanted to be simple or short. [insanejournal.com profile] cluegirl asked for "Magneto/Logan, profoundly dubcon".

The Same Deep Water
X-men. Magneto/Logan. NC-17. ~2500 words. Dub-con. Movieverse. Post X3.
My boy, the one thing you'll learn straight away is that an animal in this house earns its keep.

Read me. )
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So I admitted to the evil twin this morning that I'd shipped it. But she'd already figured I had. I am the most predictable fangirl ever. Handily enough, J had already bought the artbook.

How To Train Your Dragon. Stoick/Gobber. G.

So very predictable. )

p.s. My fav April Fool's Day blogpost.

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