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[community profile] fringe_exchange went live today.

I got a giftfic of pre-canon Redverse John Scott and Olivia being badass!

I think I've read it ten times already. ;-;

Feelings everywhere.

Slowly making my way through all the other entries. There is so much good stuff, including fix-its and lots of Astrid, and it all just makes me ridiculously happy <3333.
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Dude, I've been so busy and behind on things that I completely missed that someone had paid to renew my DW account. And here I've had that whole "I swear it's going to run out any day now" feeling for weeks. Ha!

Thank you so much anonyperson! If you feel like anonyrequesting a doodle of something, drop a comment. \o/

And in case I haven't said it enough already: NO MORE HOMEWORK! WEEEE.
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Guess who is done with finals, omfg.

Tomorrow I am going to celebrate by doing laundry. Which doesn't seem exciting, but I am down to the Clothes I Never Wear. Which is also a good indication of what needs to go in the donate pile.

ALSO I AM GOING TO DRAW. My god, am I going to draw. Later when I am a little less DONESQUEE, I will post some shots of my projects. I am pretty damn happy with them.

omg fringe

Sep. 18th, 2009 11:58 pm
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I don't really have time or energy to say anything interesting, just aah and squee and I love everyone on this show so very much. :x

also maybe eventually I will have to cave and write a bit of olivia/rachel


Jun. 16th, 2009 12:14 am
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Tim, J, and I spammed the last three eps of Fringe so now we are all current.

a) thank god I can read all the porn I want without fear of spoilers

b) omg my head asplode

As J said earlier: I liked it better when there were more episodes to watch.

...in other squealy news, I played more Wolverine today. Even without a make-out-with-Victor grab combo, the game is win all over the place. If only that level of badass fighting was actually, you know, in the movie. I'll take what I can get. And admittedly, I'm happy not bothering to block so that Logan's shirt stays off as much as possible.
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So here's my belated Trek post. I saw Star Trek on Friday afternoon its opening weekend. I was blown away. They did such an amazing job, and especially to treat the reboot as they did where it just opens up so much potential...I am excited.

Blather and shipping and all the spoilery stuff... )

...in other news, if it's true that the guy who played George Kirk is going to be Thor, I am a little flaily. Crossovers! Yespls.

I just read this Cillian Murphy/Ruth Negga fic by [personal profile] jackandahat on [community profile] chromatic_fanfic and it is smoking hot. Breakfast on Pluto RPF skirtporn is win. There is another one, with pegging, which I've tabbed open for later. slfkjs.

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