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Saturday: Saw Pacific Rim. Promptly died of excitement. Wanted ALL the pilot AUs. Walked downtown and spent the evening with friends, drinking sake and tasting a ton of different dishes at Ippuku. Had an excellent time, and was very glad I didn't look at their hilarious awful website before going.

Sunday: Still thinking about Pacific Rim and still wanting all the AUs. I also read a bit, made it to the gym, and worked on my part of the Losers big bang team effort. I've gotten from teeny thumbnails to larger panel roughs though and now it's time to assemble reference for the specific details. I'm trying very hard not to care what it looks like at this point and to not be hyper-critical of every panel. I am...almost succeeding. It would be easier probably if every single thumbnail of Jensen didn't look remarkably like Vash. Buh.
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J and I went on a week long road trip that took us up through Oregon and throughout Washington. Better still we had a [personal profile] blue_soaring along for the ride for half of it! Despite camping half the time, we still managed to see the season finale of The Following, and I also caught the newest SPN which prompted me to actually get my ass caught up on the show. It was a really lovely vacation despite the surprise!wind that cut our time in eastern Washington short. I managed to post a few photos from the road on Tumblr/Twitter, but I'm hoping to assemble it all into a proper entry tomorrow evening and recount all the things we saw and did.

It was fun using the books my company publishes to plan our trip, and we made it home again late Friday, so I've had the weekend to recover. We did help my work bestie move into her new apartment this afternoon, which despite always being The Friends With the Truck, it was nice to get out of the house after spending a lot of the day sorting and cleaning up various vacation detritus.

I feel nicely rejuvenated, and ready to tackle finishing up the Big Project I took off right in the middle of. I found out that there's been a bit of a shake-up in the greater department while I was gone, and I'm curious to see what the climate will be like tomorrow. More on that under lock later probably. I also managed to kick start my drawing and work on my commissions today, and also got over a minor hurdle in a couple WIP fics I had, so I'm feeling ready to tackle the creative projects of my own I have floating around. Good times.

The most important thing during my vacation: Iron Man 3.

Not really spoilery, just a reaction shot. )
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Spent oodles of time assembling an outfit and then boom, J was knocked flat by a terrible cold (he's so very rarely sick, but when it hits, it hits him hard) and I think I'm coming down with it as well. His company throws really amazing holiday parties though, so I'm super bummed we couldn't go. I am prepared to curl up with a blanket and watch Avengers over and over this weekend to make up for it.

The bright spot of my week is that we went and saw Rise of the Guardians. It was a spur of the moment decision and it was so very good. I wasn't expecting much, particularly since the trailers were a bit meh, but it was really engaging from start to finish and the animation was gorgeous. Dreamworks is so often hit or miss for me, but I think I might like RotG more than I liked How to Train Your Dragon. I don't feel shippy about it really, but I'd love to see it again. I'm more antsy to see The Hobbit, but it all depends on how the both of us feel tomorrow. Dwarves. <333333

Fest obligations are coming along. Secret Mutant = done. Yuletide = 95% done. Fringe Exchange = praying I'm not making the wrong choices. Two out of three ain't bad!

I have another post brewing about more work stuff--publishing contracts and author advances and all that jazz. It'd be locked like most of my work chatter, but now that I am having more time, speak up if you'd like me to give you access. Also, if you are reading this and we have things in common, totally let me know so I can follow you back and maybe stop being quite so much of a hermit.
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J and I went to see Skyfall on Saturday. I am so dead. I hadn't spoiled myself for anything, casting included, so I had no idea Naomie Harris was in it. Be still my heart. And all the Bond/M interaction just slayed me. So hard. I almost asked for that this year in Yuletide and now I'm regretting that I didn't. I hope someone else did though, since I'm guessing the majority of fic that will come out of Skyfall is likely to be of the Bond/Q variety.

Sunday at NWSA was good times. I snagged the Feminist Ryan Gosling poster from our booth and took it back to the office. It's now up on our wall and has become Feminist Publisher Ryan Gosling. Currently it says: "Hey Girl. You're right. The Oxford comma /is/ important." I love it.

I also snagged a couple extra copies of books that were left over. If anyone would like a copy of Virgie Tovar's new book Hot & Heavy (an amazing and varied collection of essays by fierce fat girls) or F'd Up (which is an accessible feminist primer aimed at teens and written by a teen), just let me know and I will mail them to you! I only have one of each, so first come first serve.

Tomorrow I think we're going to aim for seeing Wreck-It Ralph. By virtue of birthday wishes I could probably drag J out to see Skyfall again, but if I wait for the weekend, we can watch it again at the speakeasy without a huge crowd. :D
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Had a bit of an up and down day. Busy at work again with the ramp-up to our biggest selling product this month, and still trying to iron out performance issues on the team. Attention to detail, why so hard. D: Packaging test this week went better than I expected, so I am excited to do another test round and see if I really can reduce our non-degradable packaging material by another solid 30%.

Company/student BBQ for J's compnay on Sunday was pretty awesome. I had a great time and most importantly BBQ. Deliciousness. I helped with set up so my muscles were dead the next day from hauling bottles of water back and forth across the grass. We managed to get home not too late and then met up again with one of J's coworkers to see Batman. She had an adipose set as the background on her phone and we nerded out briefly together about Doctor Who. I enjoyed the movie, maybe not quite as much as TDK, but that could be my fangirl talking. I am extra in love with Gordon though, for reals so it might be time for another little Gary Oldman binge. :3 I'd like to see it again, I think, and also rewatch the other two so they're fresh in my mind.

I'm not quite ready to beg comment amnesty even though I still haven't responded to the comments on my last Snape/Harry fest piece, or the Avengers BB piece I did. I think I'm laboring under the assumption that time will magically reinsert itself into my schedule somehow!
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Over on Tumblr, the Sherlock BBC fandom has set up a Fitness Challenge. It was pretty much the nudge I needed to finally sign up for Fitocracy, and also the nudge I needed to go spend our REI dividend and get poles and new shoes for hiking. I ended up with minimalist shoes since a couple people on my flist are huge fans, and typically I run in Converse anyway. I ended up with a pair of Vivobarefoot trail shoes and they're lovely. We did a 6 mile hike with 3 of being steep hills and there was none of that needing to break in a new shoe or anything, and I am all excited to go to John Muir and ease back into trail running. :D

J and I rented a car and went to Yosemite for the day. I'd never actually been, and now that we're not living on the coast, it's such a brief drive that I expect we'll do more day trips in the future. We also met up with E yesterday evening to see Snow White. I enjoyed it, and OT3'd it, and seriously want some hotwrong Queen/SW. Sometimes though the problem with being so familiar with visual effects is that I (and J & E) end up dissecting a lot of the effects and not being quite as immersed. Avengers is still eating my brain though, that I doubt I'll dabble in anything fandomish for the movie. Mostly I came out of it wanting to run home and play more Diablo, hah. Since I'm playing mostly Diablo right now, I'm thinking I may cancel my WOW account until we get our internet fixed properly (it keeps dropping out and losing signal) which is...not good on a pvp server and for someone whose main is tank/heals. It's a pain in D3 to drop out here and there, but with someone else in the party keeping the instance going it's not nearly as frustrating. I'm pretty tempted to try and get DSL set up instead of cable, and run them both for a month to see if it's fast enough for our household.

Current Avengers watching tally is at a mere 3. Hopefully I'll be able to make it back in for a 4th showing at some point. Today I'm going to try and draw a bit, and later in the day we potentially have some friends coming into town. Plans are loose, but I do know if they make it there will be dinner at our favorite Pakistani place. Yum.
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I have listed myself on [community profile] artondemand so I figured I would do the same here as well. No guarantees, since I've got anciently overdue commissions I'm also working on this weekend, but feel free to prompt for anything in the following!

Avengers/Marvel: Steve/Tony, Thor/Loki, Tony/Pepper, Billy/Teddy, Daken
Sherlock (BBC): John/Sherlock, Sherlock/Mycroft
X-men: Gambit/Rogue, Wolverine/Gambit, Charles/Erik, Wolverine/Sabretooth
WoW: Koltira/Thassarian, Malfurion/Illidan, Horde races or Worgen being badass
Stargate: John/Rodney, Teal'c

(Older fandoms/ships also fair game, but the above are the most likely to get my pencil actually to paper. ...I'd list Burn Notice too since I've been catching up, but I don't think I can draw for it.)

I've finished some arts recently, so I'm feeling nicely back in the groove. They're both fest artworks though so can't post or link to them yet. Still, I'm back, baby. >:D

fwee cap!

Jul. 28th, 2011 08:14 pm
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Busy season is more busy than last year. Plus event coordination. Plus packaging design. Plus a zillion other things.

I have had enough free time to see Captain America twice. Today my co-worker and I skipped out early to catch a showing.

I had no idea I could adore Chris Evans this much. Such is the power of Steve. \o/

Anyway, hi internets. I need to crash already. Working a lot blows, but what hey.


Jun. 4th, 2011 04:58 pm
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X-men:First Class just hit like all my buttons.

Pretty sure J was surprised that I didn't spontaneously combust or something.

I can't even squee properly because I'M THAT EXCITED.


May. 21st, 2011 11:27 pm
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PotC 4 was glorious. I'm in love all over again. *_*
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Took Friday off and went camping this weekend. There was still snow in part of the campground. Cue my being a coastal Californian and being all LOOK SNOW and poking it with a stick. True story.

We came back in time to watch Thor on Sunday. I haven't quite caught up with my EPIC SQUEE yet. I will note that I like this community: [community profile] comicbookmovies because even if I like paper comics, it's the movies that get me to do fannish things. I wish I could find time to draw.

Which in theory would be easier without ALL THIS STUFF TO WATCH SRSLY. I'm caught up now on Game of Thrones. I had a tough time with the premiere in that I didn't feel engaged and was more sitting there feeling like oh this is the same/different also that is not at all how I pictured _____.

Not really spoilery but to be safe... )

I'm catching up slowly on Fringe, too. I miss a lot of the dynamics from early eps, and some of the mythos has hit a peeve button or two, but I've gotten past the big moment which made me need to stop watching for a bit and am looking forward to getting through the rest of the season. Hopefully I can do that before I accidentally get spoiled about anything. Facebook, I'm looking at you.

Two hours to H50....
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Inception = A+++ would see again. Tom Hardy continues to charm me immensely.

Salt = Entertaining, better than I expected, also Liev.

also now that I have seen Salt, I can indulge in all the interviews )

Frontal Cortex, one of my fav neuroscience blogs has moved to Wired. Beyond the post on Inception, this is a great article on the benefits of dissent. In the past few months I'd started reading Redstate in addition to my usual run of liberal blogs, but I figure that I should apply this whole reading outside my usual more frequently in fannish circles as well, even if natural diversification occurs as people (myself included) add/drop fandoms.
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Sorcerer's Apprentice... most awesome movie ever or most awesome movie ever?!

I love you crazy Nic Cage.
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Rode my bike over to the Claremont branch of the library to meet up with someone to play Magic. It was nice, although poor timing on our part since we only got in one game before the meeting room was needed for an event. We spent the rest of our allotted time chatting and getting to know each other a little better out front though, so I'm looking forward to meeting up again in a couple weeks for a proper set of games.

It is flipping hot today, and our apartment is on the west side of the building so gets oodles of sun. It's like we still have an attic room with how warm this place can get. Called J and talked him into riding back to downtown and catching a movie.

I was so uncertain going in to see the A-Team. I'm still not entirely certain how I feel. I think I was more entertained than I had been seeing Robin Hood, but that could be because explosions are awesome and I still have an incredibly dumb girly crush on Mr. Templeton Peck.

I feel good about the 7 or so miles of biking, even if my legs are probably going to be super achey tomorrow. I really need to fill my tires though (or better yet replace them entirely so my bike is hybridized). Low air made the ride about twice as hard as it needed to be.

Robin Hood

Jun. 5th, 2010 04:53 pm
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I don't even know what it is we just watched in terms of pacing and a host of other things, but it was entertaining enough despite several points of inappropriate laughing.

I got what I wanted out of it anyway, which was Kevin Durand looking extra hotass in the tight leather getup. He got more screentime than I expected. Cue wiggling.

Also walking downtown and back again was nice if a bit warm.

Now I shall try and finish this fanart cover.
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I am too tired to properly chatter about what I did today and all the myriad ways there was fail (one of them has resulted in a Spiderman bandaid and awkward typing), but I came home with a bear jew bookmark, cute things to send off to the girl, and the boy made me dinner, so there was some win in there.

Plus there was this:

Why the #$%#%^ did it take me this long to watch Eastern Promises? I know there is a subset of my flist that is probably YEAH, REALLY WHY, or at least giving me the internet equivalent of a knowing nod and a pat on the back.

I don't know why either. I don't know at all.

Maybe the level of seriousness? The non-actiony violence? The fact that I'd forgotten it had Vincent Cassel in it? Or was my fannish dial not turned up high enough since my appreciation for Viggo tends towards his skill at acting versus wanting to rub up against him when he's not all scruffy and near Sean Bean?

Well, consider me cured on the last one at least.
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J and I just got back from seeing Toy Story 3 at the Pixar campus with friends.

They have a beautiful campus and I forgot to take my camera. No photo inside the giant action figure box for me.

reaction shot, not really spoilery )

movies, yay

May. 5th, 2010 12:25 pm
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Night before last, J took me to see The Losers. I was appropriately fangirly. Usually J's ability to nail down my fav character and/or ship is spot on, but he failed this time around. Papa Bear eyecandy was highly satisfying (A+++ would buy again), but my weakness for snipers prevails in the end. So trashy and cheesy, but in all the right ways. If I had time to write, I'd be on that meme right now. Unf.

While we were getting snacks, we were chatting with the woman who was working concessions and she let us know that Iron Man is going to be opening on all three screens, so if we wanted to also catch Kick Ass there we'd have to do it this week. Seeing both had been the plan, but it was good to have the extra push to make sure we wouldn't miss it at that theatre. So last night, J took me to see Kick Ass and I'm a little glad we saw the movies in that order, because while The Losers might have gotten me all fansquealy, Kick Ass was a good movie.

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Well, How to Train Your Dragon was adorable incarnate. It makes me so happy when Dreamworks does a good job with an animated film as I find their output so hit and miss in comparison to Pixar. Between that and Repo Men (prrr) that's it for me with movies until the job situation resolves itself. I have good prospects, including an interview coming up for the position I was most excited about amongst the slew of resumes I've sent out so far this week. Time to dig out the hair dryer and prepare to clean myself up for business casual.

Have yet to actually sit down and draw, but have been poking at fic, both finishing up some WIPs and also beta'ing the giant backlog of Blue's poor neglected stories. I also finally did laundry since the move, which means I can start putting clothes away, a prospect which shouldn't be as exciting as it is.

While my food is in the oven, I think I shall actually pop open Photoshop and see if I can paint something.

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